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Could this be a lesion in coccyx (tail bone)

Could this be a lesion in coccyx (tail bone)

Low back pain on waking, feeding pain into anal canal.

Change of bowel habits, urgency, incomplete evacuation, weak anal sphincter muscles.

Pain on sitting, but came on gradually, but constant now.

Doctors have been concentrating on prolapse issues, but the pain symptoms for prolapse do not entirely add up.

I am hoping to have mri as I do have some old pathology in pelvic area that appears stable.

Any one else had a lump in that region?

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I get a lumpy bit over my sacroiliac joint, but for me its a sign of inflammation and not any kind of lesion. Are you getting your prolapse issues sorted out? I'd concentrate on that first, and then see if that takes away any of the other issues (as it may well do). its quite amazing how even something like a prolapse can put stress on nerves around the area that make it feel like there is a lot more going on, when really its all the one thing. Go with your doctors for the moment and deal with that prolapse. It does get confusing and doesn't usually help any if there are too many different types of investigation going on at once. Once the prolapse is dealt with, then any residual problems can be looked at separately. I'm not sure what is leading you to think "lesion", but if it is a concern, then ask your doctor whether there is any likelihood of that, but be prepared to accept a no answer - remembering that your doctor is the one who is the medically trained expert.


Thank you EW.

At present I am hoping for MRI to rule out any pathology in my tailbone As prolapse may be secondary and not the main problem as my pain symptoms do not totally add up.

Thank you for your opinion.



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