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What Could This Be?

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Most of the time after sitting or lying down for a little while, when I stand up I feel very weak as if I might fall. I tried to do research on it but I can't figure it out, I have yet to fall but I've gotten close. Anyone know what could be wrong?


Thank you everyone for replying so quickly on this, and I'd like to state something that I didn't mention.

1. I recently went to my doctor and she said my blood pressure was healthy (we went for a different reason, we thought my appendix was going to burst, gladly, it was something else)

2. I'm very young, so if there's more common in my age range according to my symptoms, please let me know!! (Age Range: Middle/High School) (Gender: Female)

3. It's no longer when I just stand up, it's now a constant feeling.

It fees like... I've been running for an extended period of time and have yet to stop.

4. I do not take any medications.

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If this happens when you rise quickly - that's quite normal. But it is a sign of low blood pressure and you should see a doctor about it.

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could be high or low blood pressure, you need to have a check up, and perhaps a 24 hour blood pressure monitor to assess what's happening down there. Don't put it off, get on to it ASAP

either hypoglycemia or hypotension?

hi there.

are you getting plenty of fibre and iron.. you sound like you may be suffering from fatigue and your energy levels are low... maybe best to see a doctor and get him/her to do a blood test. Are you currently on medication this may not be right for you. Your body tells you one way or the other if it isnt happy

hope you get this sorted soon x

This can be loss of muscle tone. You sit in a chair and relax. The arteries and veins expand. You then stand up and the blood drains away from the head because of the expanded arteries and veins. You feel faint as a result.

The above is for you to investigate to see if it is true or not. However, it should be a rare occurrence. If it is happening on a regular basis you need to see a doctor to see if their is a problem that needs medical investigation.

Hope this helps.

It sounds B/P related. Before getting up ..sit on the edge of the bed or chair for a few minutes and be sure to rise very slowly . Make an appt. with your dr.

This problem can be several problems

You are getting up to quick, or you have low blood pressure.

If you turn your head to quickly the same can happen

Talk to your GP, He will check blood Pressure etc

Check your blood pressure sitting up in a chair wait about 20 minute sand take it again lying down... if there is a differences it mean your blood pressure drops when you stand up "Orthostatic Hypotension"

Could be a vaso-vagal reflex. Typically your blood pressure goes down as a reflex when you stand up fora position where your head is down or stand up after sitting. If this is the case, you must do thins slowly or risk fainting. Sometimes some bp meds will have this as a side effect. I'm not an MD, BIT I would recommend that you check you meds for this. Also you should, speak with your doctor.

Please revisit your Doc & ask that you be checked for MVP or Mitral Valve Prolapse. You describe the symptoms well and can be common in your age range. It is easily treated with a medication. Please be careful and keep us posted on what's going on with you.

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