Caudial Steroid injection

Hi 10 weeks ago I had a Caudial steroid injection and steroid injections into my joint bilaterally, on L4/l5 it worked amazing , I was pain free for over 8 weeks slowly I have been experiencing all the pain again, today I went to the pain specialist who would like to do the procedure again, has anyone had this procedure and what did they think of it. I'm now back on all my meds , for pain releif , which make me feel nauseated 😫 Any advice would be appreciated, thanks in advance Terri

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  • Hi I had the same done in March I didn't get complete relief but it certainly improved the pain numbness and diabolical pain in my left leg. Fortunately this hasn't come back but my lumber spine pain has, still giving me horrible pain in my back hips and buttock. I'm to go back and see the consultant in the Autumn he said he wound do a mild decompression using a camera no major surgery with 75% success rate. I will probably try this rather than have an operation I'm yet to see the surgeon he wants to see another MRI.

    I can get pain free at times depending on my level of activity.

    Pain clinic recommended Butrabs patch & coCodamol and Ibuptofen for breakthrough pain. I'm very limited wth the drugs I can take Im either allergic or have bade sidec effects.

    I wasn't great after the epidural I had bad insomnia and my face was mooning for about 6 weeks but I would have them done again.

    Before I had the procedure I couldn't stand walk I was in extreme pain.

    I do have other problems that affect my mobility psoriasis Psoriatic arthritis and OA . So any little thing helps!

    I hope that any future treatment you have helps because the pain is chronic and most unpleasant.

    Jen X