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Hi I've joined this group I suffer with chimichanga pain I had a opp that went wrong and left me with scare tissue and then 2011 I had a full hysterectomy to try and reduce the scare tissue but it didn't work and is even worse I'm always in pain and so fed up with it I also have depression which I've only just started seeing someone about I am lucky in have a very supportive partner but it's hard for me as I always feel guilty as I'm unable to work I always feel useless before I got I'll I had just completed my NVQ 2 in care and was going on to 3 I no I shouldn't but my friend has completed her and four and now trading other people I'm so happy for her but also look at her I think that's. We're I would be if my operation hadn't gone wrong and notice there fault which they didn't I didn't even get a sorry nothing makes me so mad sorry don't mean to rant on just get every stressed and upset still even tho it happen in 2007 but they arnt the ones who live with it every day I am X

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I've not heard of your pain condition. I have what my doctor thinks may be adhesions to the ovaries etc - I'm awaiting to see a gynaecologist,

Have you been seen by a pain management team ? Set some realistic goals and try and achieve them. It always feels so rewarding. Maybe that will help as you feel you would be training others.

I haven't heard of NvQ's are they like GCSE's but vocational careers.

Do you think if you could get the pain a little better under control you would be able to work part time? It sounds like you enjoyed your career.


Chimichanga pain?


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