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Knee surgery- ACL, lcl and antrophoscopy. ( can't spell)

Had an operation for was meant to be just my lcl (lateral collateral ligament) however when I was under they found my ACL (anterior crucial element ligament) had gone to and they removed some lose cartilage 8mm in diameter down to the bone from my meniscus. And then done something or other with a scorpion needle? Anyway they out a block in so my whole leg was numb for 3 days, pain was no really there, a little burning sensation when I put it down. But was in morphine etc. They sent me home with diclofenac, tramadol, omeprezol, and aspirin.now on day 6, and I've not really taken anything for the pain because it's not hurt, but now it's really like a constant ache and is actually hurting. Just want to know what's the pain gonna be like if anyone's gone through a similar thing? I don't really want to take all those tablets if I don't have to. Thanks

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that sounds very painful. i understand the feeling of burning and being numb as i had an operation nearly 4 weeks ago and it lasted 5 hours on my gallbladder and my bile duct and liver. at first it was very numb and only burning electrical pains of the nerves reconecting now the numbness is wearing of and i can feel so much pain its so tender and feels like broken glass, the operation place is different but the same feelings. it hurts more now that it did when it was done. take it very easy and be careful what your doing take things very slowly and all the best to you. love grace xoxoxo

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