Working on exercise and diet

Thank you to everyone who has given me advice I have been doing more back stretches and walking which at the moment seem to be working, I've also took some small steps with my diet I'm having smaller portions and if I have a craving for chocolate I have been eating a bite size treat which seem to reduce the cravings, I have list two pound already.

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  • That's great, Andy. Keep up the progress --- you seem to have good motivation.

  • keep up the good works and hearing your news also inspires me. thanks and good luck. love grace xoxoxo

  • Well done! I can't do moderation :-) What works for me is eating not very much at all for 4 - 5 days a week then on my days off I have a glass or two *cough* of wine (ok, maybe bottle sized glass!) and a shedload of food. Then I atone for my consumption sins by going back to the very little - well, volume wise there's a fair bit but it's mainly salad, vegetables, fruit with some fish or cottage cheese. I'm lucky in that my back and radicular pain has been much better since my injections so I walk as much as poss though sadly my hip is playing up more now - next replacement soon, oh joy.

  • On the bright side hips are usually relatively straightforward surgeries and recovery isn't too bad. 😀

    Very quick to take away the pain as well.

  • I was walking stick free after three days with my last one! Luckily I don't really get pain from my hip - it's lack of mobility for me though it is starting to 'twinge' more than it used to. Downside of that is it took forever for me to get them diagnosed as it didn't hurt so I ignored the increasing lack of mobility :/ B ythe time I got seen they were awful, if they'd been painful I'd have got them looked at soooner and maybe been able to have resurfacing rather than THRs. Ah well.

    Sometimes you get what you want (nowhere near often enough!) - sometimes you get what you need - sometimes you get what you get.

  • Ha - so true, nowhere near often enough. Although if I did get what I wanted all the time I'd probably be able to add cirrhosis to the list 🍾🍸😀

    Hmm, I was 'just in time' for a resurfacing. Didn't know until I'd woken up after surgery though because they weren't sure from the imaging. So I suppose I got what I wanted then. 🤔 Although ideally I wouldn't have 'wanted' my hips resurfaced in the first place. 🤕

    I was popping outside for a crafty cigarette on day 2 😀 Back when I still did that is.

  • Well done Andy58!

    Small steps add up over time. Keep doing the stretches and before you know it you'll be off to the gym. 💪🏻

    Chocolates over rated anyway. 😷

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