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Knee and ankle concern

I am being treated by a podiatrist for ankle pain he sent me to physical therapy said I had tendonititis and shortly after I started to have severe pain in my knee. The Dr. doesn't believe it's related to my ankle. Put the pain below my knee is severe, and burning pain that runs down my leg to my ankle and arch of my foot. I have to use crutches to get around. I am female 59 years old. Any ideas what is going on?

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Hi Marcia no I can't help you but I had the same thing happen last year. Firstly my ankle was painfull and swollen with pain and tight feeling under my foot from toe to heal. Found difficulty walking then about a week later my knee swelled up with tightness and pain. Both foot and knee lasted about 6 weeks then just went on its own. So I actually have no idea what caused it and probably never will. However I hope your docter can find out what the problem is and hopefully will feel better soon. Let us know how it goes. X lynne

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Lowlife my podiatrist doesn't seem to think they are related but I had an mri of my knee which showed several thing a torn meniscus, a ruptured cyst, arthritis of course, and a lot of inflammation so I'm off to see a orthopedic specialist. he put my foot in a soft cast and recommended physical therapy after I get my knee fixed. I still think they are related.


Hi Marcia200, can't give much help, however if you have a problem in your foot it can effect other joints in the leg as your posture alters to lessen the pain in the foot. One time I had a problem like that in my ankle following sessions at the GYM on medical advice, acupuncture did not help, ice packs did a bit , but it took around twelve months to get my foot back to normal. Just recently I have had another problem so feel that if you have trouble it should be fully investigated for all possible causes. Good luck


Katie thanks i was going to pt for my foot when my knee went out so i thought they were related but after my mri my podiatrist is sending me to a orthopedic specialist as the knee isnt in his field of expertise. Yes i find that ice packs help.


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