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Hi All - Group Support NI

Hi folks,

Been long time since I posted here. I have trigeminal neuralgia and this forum has been great. I've been busy these past few months- I had a nerve abilation and 2 stellate ganglion nerve blocks but I feel like I'm back to square 1 again. I feel like the pain is worse than ever now and I'm actually attempting a return to work as well. I am full of mixed emotions now. I'm only 30 and the thought of living like this daily for the rest of my life makes me feel physically sick. A friend - who I met in hospital last year and I have decided to set up a face to face support group in NI for all chronic pain suffers - if anyone is interested please visit our website, FB page or FB closed forum

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Hiya lou_in pain

Iam a sufferer of tnn

I take amitryiptilyne 80mg at night for my back & this..

I've lost half my teeth bec if it; as the dentist didn't know what it was so thought I had bad teeth. .

Your far worse than me..but on bad days I wear a badge it says 'don't think I'm been rude..I can't talk rigjt now , I have a neuralgia flare up..I'll be ok soon..just need space!'

It works.x


That's really clever!! Might get one of those xx


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