The CPAP machine makes my daytime breathlessness worse

Hi everyone. I've been using the CPAP machine, with oxygen attached, for just over a week. So far so good. I have breathlessness and I'm awaiting pulmonary testing. However, I've noticed my daytime breathlessness is now much worse, so much so, that I cannot even walk a few steps without becoming severely breathless. Initially I was so pleased with the machine because I awoke with a little more energy than before. The problem seems to be getting worse each day. When I am on the CPAP I did notice that the air seemed a bit fierce, but after a while I seem to get used to it. I just wonder if anyone else has the same problem? Thanks.

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  • Hi Caprice123

    There are a couple of lung & general respiratory groups here on HU; I'm sure you've just posted on Pain Concern by mistake! Unless you've got pain as well?

    The respiratory groups have some excellent support & knowledge for your specific question......

    All the best


  • Thanks Rayjayc, I'll follow those threads. Posted by error. Sorry.

  • No need to apologise!! I'm sure you're feeling pretty exhausted having to start on CPAP; and now having the breathlessness during the day too.

    I'm sure the folk on the respiratory forums will have lots of support & advice for you.


  • Caprice your breathlessness can be iron or vitamin B12 deficient.My hubby & I were both breathless on exertion & stairs. & fatigue.Checked by cardiologists turns out to Vit b 12 deficiency.You need serum & active b12 ,folate,ferritin,iron,vitamin d .My hubby has sleep apnoea.If your b12 is below 450 then nerve damage has occurred in spine.We have permanent nerve damage due to misdiagnosis.Check for facts

  • I take iron and B12 supplements plus a host of other vitamins, because I have an underactive thyroid, Marylyn. I've exhausted most ideas. I'm seeing my doctor, tomorrow, if I can get an appointment. Maybe he or she might give me an answer. Thank you for your response.

  • You say you are taking iron & vitb12 have you had recent blood tests ? If your serum b12 is below 450 you need injections. One of the other reasons for breathlessness is heart related especially if you have swelling in legs. My hubby went into heart failure with a iron level which was not recognised by 2 cardiologists.So I encourage you to continue your search for answers.

  • I am supposed to be using a CPAP machine and since I am prone to sinusitis and have a blocked passageway, I can't use it. I thought I was getting oxygen but the man who delivered it told me it isn't oxygen, it's air. I thought it was the same thing but I was informed it isn't. Anyway, I have a severely deviated septum and with a clogged nose, I cannot use it. I really thought it was going to be wonderful. I know several people and they say they couldn't do without it.

  • Hi there. I do realise the CPAP is air only. I wouldn't be able to cope with it if I didn't have the oxygen attached to it. Now, though I might be using the BiPaP where more carbon dioxide is expelled. I've been told that might have been the cause of my trouble. I wonder if the Bipap, where more pressure is on expelling the air than on inhalation, might be of use to you?

  • All I know is if I could only breathe through my nose and not have this sinus problem--it's even in my eyes. I have used everything I can think of. I tried using squirt bottles of saline solution but then I thought I was drowning. The air from the CPAP couldn't get through my nasal passages.

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