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capsaisan patches

Another treatment failure. I am so disappointed.

On Friday I went to the main hospital in Avignon to have capsaisan patches which in theory could deaden the neuropathic pain in my hands which I have had for the past four years since I was operated for cervical stenosis . The patches were placed on my hands for one hour and for the next twenty four hours my hands were on fire. The burning sensation was terrible but I was prepared to put u p with it if I would finally get some respite from this never ending pain.

No such luck. The pain is as ferocious as ever. I am so depressed and utterly defeated.

Why doesn't anything work. I think I've run out of options now.

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dont give up hope yet. please. i dont know what to say but we all need hope. has the main hospital not suggested something else for this pain, have you asked anyone of this forum if they have this pain that may be that same as yours. and find out how they are managing it? i dont know myself but im hoping someone will read this and share something that will help you. what you were trying was it for diabetic neuropathy i just googled it and it say that it may needs to be worn for 1 to 2 weeks before pain is relieved.i suffer from pain myself its a different pain from your however pain is pain and wears one down tremendously so i hope that you find relief. thinking of you. sending a big caring hug.not that it may be much good but i care as i know pain myself. love always. grace.xx


Thank you so much Grace for responding to my post. Very kind of you.

Today I am feeling very sorry for myself but I will bounce back. I always do.

As you say constant pain wears one down. It is not diabetic neuropathy but due to nerve damage.

I have tried many different remedies but nueropathic pain is very hard to treat and I stopped taking all drugs as they were effecting my liver without offering any relief.

Actually the hospital has just phoned me to check if the treatment worked and the nurse is going to speak to the pain doctor to see what he will suggest next.

Apparently capcaisin only works in fifty per cent of cases.

Thanks again for your concern. Hugs Suzy

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thats okay suzie we are allowed to feel sorry for ourself for a short while as you say you will bounce back. your quite right to stop taking all drugs that are affecting your liver if your not getting any relief. i just hope and pray that something is found for you as i do know what its like to live in pain, im pleased to hear that the hospital has phoned you to see if the treatment is working, at least they have not forgotten about you and thats very i feel very neglected by my hospital and am wodering if i should make a complaint. but i will have to think about how i am going to go about it as i was left without a follow up for a long time and have a gall stone stuck in my bile duct.they could not find it and just left me for two months wating of an appointemnt however i was taken in last week in an emergency and they tried to remover the stone with an ERCP thats using wires down the throat and into the gallbladder however they could not remove it as its been there so long and has calcified. it was an hour of agony trying to remove the stone they said i would get a shot of morphine and then a sedative which would probably make me loose my memory. i remember the whole episode and it was agony. so now i'v to got a stent in above the obstruction, however i has blood poisoning and terrible pains i still have pain but not so bad as it was before i got the stent but stents are only temporary and i have to go back to get the bile duct cut and the stone removed and the bile duct reconstructed. but because of all the infection this has caused my gallbladder has shrunk to the size of a thimble and 1/4 of my liver has atrophied, they knew i had a stone as it showed on the scan i had last year and this year when they went to operate they could not find it so they shoud have been looking in the bile duct right away not two months later, sorry im rambling on now. i hope everything works out well for you dear i really do. thanks for the much needed hugs too love


Sorry you are having such a rotten time Grace. The treatment you've been having sounds horrendous. I do hope you can get your problem resolved. Best of luck


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Hi suzyhayes by the sound of u systems u have got complex regional pain syndrome,


I don't understand your message. Could you explain please


What is neuro modulation?


I've not heard of this procedure before. Is it a last resort or common practice in the u.k. Don't know if it is available in France but will check it out. Thanks.

Hope you are feeling better now and not still upset by your so called friend.

Life is a bitch sometimes isn't it. My best friend died a year ago with cancer and my next best friend is critically ill with cancer and will not recover. The irony is I am apparently in very good health but my life is totally blighted with this constant pain.



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