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Capcaisin patches

Visited the pain clinic today for my neuropathic pain and the consultant has finally agreed that drugs don't work on me so next week I am going to have high concentrated capcaisin patches under medical supervision at the hospital.  The procedure  should take one hour and if successful should deaden the pain after initial burning sensation for up to three months.  Apparently it is very expensive which is why they prefer you to take drugs and help fund the pharmaceutical companies.

Wish me luck.  After four years of suffering it would be wonderful to have some relief if only temporary.

Has anyone else had this treatment?

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Best of Luck Suzy fingers and toes crossed that you get the results you would like :) 

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Thanks GLou   Actually crossing fingers is very painful for me!


At some stage take a look at curcumin for neuropathic pain there are a number of studies.


Be very interested to hear how you get on


Yes, I have tried the 8% Capsacian patch.  After the procedure, you will need ice packs and aloe Vera gel to help cool the affected area down.  It didn't really help me though. Where are you having it done?

Good luck



Thanks Daniel, only wish you could find a cure for your condition. Not easy living with constant pain and you are so young.


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