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Pelvic MRI- multiple cysts seen on cervix

Hi all

Got one of my scan results back. Am now awaiting another MRI and gynae appointments. Scared and can't quite believe this as I had a clear smear last year. Could possibly be benign but I have other symptoms that suggest it's not. Could be adenoma malignan which apparently is rarely picked up on a smear.Really surprised by this as I was expecting something like endometriosis. Haven't really been able to sleep since I discovered this. I knew that there was something up because no-one would tell me the results over the phone.

Pain in leg, hip, pelvis is getting worse. Saw pain management consultant on Monday who wants to inject SI joint, both lumber facet joints and both piriformis muscles in one session!!!! Not sure I want this as I can't even have anyone touch my left buttock. They said they will give me light sedation but so scared. He also put me on a butans patch which seems to have lowered my mood a bit and given me a bit of a fast heart rate.

Have emailed my neurosurgeon in desperation. Can't understand why I've been reporting the same symptoms for 18 months and now suddenly everything is happening and I'm feeling really overwhelmed.


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Hi Megan

I am sorry all this is happening. I can imagine it is like crashing into a wall. Keep reaching out to us. My mom has been getting injections for facet joints for years and it really helped. I hope it brings you comfort and goes smoothly.



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Thanks belle623, seeing an orthopaedic consultant tonight to see see if he has any different answers


Hi mega, I can understand why your worried and stressed with all that going on. Just remember that pain injections are there to help you and they will if they work. As they say no pain no gain and I really think it's worth a try. Your consultant knows what he's talking about so I wish you luck in them giving you relief. Hopefully you can then reduce your meds which in turn may make you feel better in yourself. I know it's hard but try and think positive. Not all news is bad news. Keep strong. Lynne x

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