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Very painful cramps

When I use my right hand to do something like putting a cable line in the cback of my tv I get a sudden tightening and my fingers and sometimes thumb lock or go all shapes that I then cant control and if I dont grab my fingers quickly enough the pain in my forearm hurts bad. I now bend my fingers right back to stretch my tendons because i feel its the tendons tightening. I just wonder is it because i sometimes suffer dehydration .

Any ideas as why this is happening besides old age of course lol ???.

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I get a very similar if not identical spasms of both my hands on occasions. The last time was when I was holding a TV remote and trying to search through the Catch Up channels. The hand holding the remote suddenly cramped solid from the wrist forward.

Feel free to see if we share any medical issues or meds by looking through my Profile. It is pretty detailed.

Other than that, a lack of salt or old age.

Regards Rib

PS. I have a high measured fluid intake. 8 pints daily. Mainly water.


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