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Pain under ribs on right hand side

Hi can anyone help me please?... About 5 weeks ago I noticed a dull sometimes sharp pain when I touched my tummy just under my ribs on right hand didn't go away so I went to doctors and was sent for an ultrasound scan as gallstones was mentioned....scan came back normal......this week the pain has got worse it flares up without even touching my tummy  I am being sent for the camera problem is I am due to fly on holiday on Thursday in 48 hrs time.....I am absolutely terrified to fly I case this is something that may get worse during the doctor last week told me...if I were you I would just go and enjoy your holiday...Can anyone give me any advice please?



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I'm just noticing pain is going further down  right hand side and I'm sure u can feel a little lump? Dies ultrasound always pick up gallbladder problems? 

Thanks in advance x


I would definitely not want to advise either way on this.  We aren't doctors so anything we suggest is only guess work based on our own experience.  

If you aren't certain it would be best to get back to your doctor asap. They will be able to advise you and perform any additional tests required to confirm that you are fit to fly.  

I hope you get the all clear for a fab holiday 


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