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Spoon39. Statins

Hi they're I have just had blood tests all clear except my cholesterol was 5/4 my Doctor wants me to go on Statins which make me ill I have tried them before I don't think 5/4 is anything to worry about I am very good with my diet low fat etc .I have just got over a spinal L4/5 operation due to a car accident so have not been active for over17 months had terrible time still on morphine but trying my hardest to get back on track but at least my awful nerve pain has gone I feel so so sorry lot of you that are suffering and can not be operated on I had a fantastic surgeon any of you wonderful people can help me get my cholesterol down with out the statins Spoon39

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You could try a balanced diet along with green tea & stay away from sugar that gets converted into fat if there's more than you burn off.

Exercise and healthy eating is the key.

Hope it becomes manageable for you x have you tried those benecol products, yoghurt and spreads ?? Might be worth a try xx


Thanks Kitchen I have always had a very good balanced diet low fat everything I have taken a multivitamin and mineral for over 30 years don't eat cakes biscuits and not had sugar for over 25 years flora spread semi skimmed milk 10 almonds a day .They rang me today from surgery my HDL is only1-8 I told them I didn't. think it was worth taking Statins and to log it's not that I will not take them it's because they make me ill I also eat a lot of fish and veg not a lot of meat .I am hoping now that I can walk and exercise it will come down once again thank you for taking the time to reply Spoon39


Well your diet seems to be pretty good. Do you have a family history of high colestorol? My brother is 6 5 he's on statins. I don't really know what else to suggest xx


I would be like you and refuse statins (in fact, I am like you with a similar cholesterol reading and not taking statins). A friend of mine has lost a moderate amount of weight, going down one or two dress sizes. She did it with a gym exercise programme, just using things like the treadmill, bike, etc. Her cholesterol has come down and stayed down. I don't know what your weight is like, but if you need to lose a bit then that might help, and if you can do some gentle but regular exercise like walking or swimming that could also help.

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Hi Kitchard and earth witch thank you so much for taking the time to reply my sister went on Statins she is diabetic and her muscles wasted and they made her I'll she came off them much to the Doctors advice and has been so much better a lot of people I know have been the same I will try the benecol drinks and yogurts and now I am off my crutches I can try to go back to my swimming and a little walk being house bound for all these months haven't helped God bless Spoon39


Hi Spoon 39

I think you are wise to come off statins, I do feel that doctors are being pressured to put so many people on them by the drug companies in order to boost their profits and the G.P.s probably get a handout. I have heard and read unpleasant side effects so have stopped taking mine.

I now make smoothies with plenty of fresh green veg - spinach, kale, broccoli, cucumber, Granny Smith apples, fresh lemon zest and juice, also sometimes fruit ones with strawberries, blueberries, Gala apples, grapes, kiwi fruit, oranges, banana etc.

For the liquid I have started using Innocent Coconut Water which I have been told is very beneficial. This way, my husband, who is 90 and has no bottom teeth, can drink his fruit and veg and I love the smoothies and eat plenty of green veg too. I use a blender which works very well.

Am pleased to hear that you are feeling better. You have had a very difficult time.

Chriswinkle xx


Chriswinkle hi thank you for taking the time to reply I do have a smoothie maker but never thought about putting veg in I will certainly start making them .Yes I think the Doctors do get payed to put you on statins I believe they also get payed for doing the alzimers test on the elderly yes I have had a dreadful time the accident wasn't my fault it has completely changed my life I have just been shopping on my own for the first time (and driven ) I'm completely shattered but I am determined not to let it ruin my life take care xxSpoon39


'Dr Kendrick's Great Statin/Cholesterol Con' comes to mind Spoon39.

Try Googling it.

Also Heart Doctors are now reporting patients with low or normal cholesterol levels are having heart problems rather than patients with high cholesterol.

Many years ago before Thyroid Bloods were taken, Doctors knew that having 'high cholesterol' was linked to having Low Thyroid (Hypothyroidism.) That knowledge has been lost thanks to the introduction of relying on the thyroid blood tests instead.

Doctors years ago would treat your high cholesterol with as much NDT - Natural Dessicated (Pigs) Thyroid as you needed till you felt better, your low thyroid would return to being higher in range and your cholesterol would at the same fall back to normal.

Kidney failure, cataracts and diabettes (and loads more,) are all side effects of taking dangerous statins, my Mum took statins for a long time, we did not know the dangers of them back then, Mum had kidney failure and we nearly lost her, sadly she now is on dialysis 3 times a week.

I recently read on a link on a Thyroid Forum of a survey done on either menopausal or post menopausal women who were on statins. 85% of them who did not have diabettes before, ended up with diabettes.

Statins are dangerous, but remember also they are big money spinners for Big Pharma.

Do Google:- 'Dr. Mercola and Statins.'


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