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Very new to this community, so help would be hugely appreciated. An MRI has shown the discs between L1 and L2 loosing their volume. Discomfort deep in my right buttock and right groin, when turning, or twisting my back in normal movement, there is a clunking as though bones are rubbing but no pain. General discomfort over the L1 L2 area. I do tend to underplay soreness!

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  • Hello Annelixabeth

    Welcome on board. Good support on this forum and help where we can.

    Presumably your GO sent you for the scan and has spoken with you with the results? What did he offer?

    Might sound obvious but if something hurts or is sore when you twist...change how you move! Try not to twist but maybe move your whole body.

    Maybe some anelgesic gel to rub in rather than meds may help. Heat is also very good. But your GP or consultant will hopefully have given you something

    Pat x

  • Thank you for the reply. Yes consultant injected the offending area, but that probably lasted 6 weeks at the most. Exercises to improve core, I do yoga and pilates, so fairly strong in that area. Anno domino I'm afraid! He did say that if nothing worked then we would have to think again. The last thing I want is surgery of any form. As I said, I am very new to this aspect of my life, and I would think I have a lot to learn. Sometimes, as you pointed out, the most obvious things are often the most effective!!

  • Your post sort of stopped so I had to guess bits! It is posture driven so exercies might help.

    One thing you must learn and learn quick. If for any reason this is long lasting aor for ever...never look back at what you used to do. That is too painful. It can also be a form of denial that you don't really have a pain,sore,restricted moevemnt and it will go away. It doesn't mostly. Accepting this is now how you will be will make life a lot better.

    Obviously there are lots of therapies and treatment from the medical side but you have to meet them half way as I call it. Slow down. pace yourself and learn o do things that don't cause any more pain.

    Off i gp om ,y soap box again! Sorry but acceptance is a huge positive step.

    Pat x

  • Sounds like the voice of experience, thank you.

  • Don't be a stranger here. Come and ask questions, add your thougts to other post or just have a rant. We all do and usually someone around to help.


  • Hi Annaelizabeth


    You don't need to be under playing your soreness; if you try to be a hero about pain you'll end up exhausted! In one way or another, we're very knowledgeable about that on here!

    Have you been offered physiotherapy? It's definitely a good idea to get to know which areas need stretching and which need resting.

    As you already do yoga & pilates, you'll know about the importance of core strength but do you ever have any kind of massage to relax? I find it quite beneficial - a hot stone one is amazing for me; the right amount of pressure and lovely & warm to get deeper relaxation. I do find laying on my front an issue but have built up a good relationship with the girl who does mine so she does it with me laying on my side or sitting up when I'm really sore.

    Heat or ice packs directly on the lumbar region is good - whichever is your preference as it isn't an acute injury. I find a hot water bottle is soothing.

    Acupuncture is an avenue you could explore too. Worth looking in to - do your research mind, there are some cowboys & girls out there. If it works for you, it really works for you!! Some people swear by it but you may have to shop around until you get someone who really understands pain and who you like & trust.

    Tens machine? Again, some people get a great result from them but others will tell you they're useless!

    You don't mention any medication. Is that because of not wanting to take anything or not being offered any? There are a myriad of types to try and they're not all addictive. It's definitely worth taking Paracetamol regularly (if you usually can) rather than just when it gets really sore. Also Ibuprofen (again, if you're able to) is great for some people; either oral or in the form of a gel or pad.

    Maybe speak to your GP about a prescription for Codeine - separately from Paracetamol, so you can add that in if things start to get a little tougher. Obviously, you can then discuss stronger meds if necessary.

    Re-learning general movement techniques is a must! Correct posture for sitting, walking and moving stuff around is really important & beneficial. Try to remember your bad habits then remember to forget them so you kick start new, good habits! Does that make sense? Your back is already telling you that you're doing something wrong when you twist - it will continue to too!!

    Hopefully, this will settle for you soon, either on its own or with a little bit of help from one or some of the above and others' replies.

    Let us know how you're getting on.....


  • A huge thank you for all your input, and so much practical advice. There seems to be quite a bit to work with. Your remarks about movement techniques and posture have struck a chord, already I can see my walking changing, possibly because the muscles are under duress - all very interesting, a new learning technique altogether, although one I wish I didn't have.

  • Always happy to help as will others.

    Ask to see a physio. She will help your posture with the right exercises.

    Take care


  • My buddy had that and he thought he had some sort Hernia and when he finally went to Dr he twisted his leg a certain way, diagnosed it as spinal stenosis I think and he had cortisone needles for it, which helped. He definitely described the sensation just like you did. Can you get the book "Be Your Own Back Dr" can't remember the Author offhand but very good techniques to stretch yr vertabre of Disc space....good luck

  • Thank you, I will check amazon straight away.

  • Hi Annaelizabeth, welcome to this forum and sorry to hear about your pain. You can say pain - best to give it your full attention! It is telling you something.. :)

    I am not a professional but it is less usual to have pain at this higher lumbar area and I would strongly suggest you stop doing Pilates/yoga until you have seen a good (repeat!) good physiotherapist to find out why your higher lumbars are complaining... core stability exercises can make stiff spinal segments stiffer and compound problems...each spinal segment does the same thing but differently so these are messages to let you know how each 'cog' of the spinal chain is getting on in your life or not... You may well be as stiff as a board in the lower levels so your higher levels are groaning. You may even have a leg length difference which is common with higher lumbar problems...

    Time to take stock - find out where the stiff segments are and get things working in harmony again with an experienced professional physio ... try reading through Sarah Key's 'Back Sufferers bible - good explanations... best wishes

    keep us posted :)

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