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Back pain part 2

Well following my last post the doctor cam out to see me so I went through all what was happening and how I'm feeling and he has given me mirtazapine and I asked is there anything else I could take so now waiting for the doctor to speak to the pain clinic to get back to him which I'm under but just reading the side affects I'm at a loss they have the same side affects just seems to be going round in circles thank you for all your comments on my first post very helpful many thank

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Hi tec2tec

Once the Mirtazapine gets into your system at the right dose, the feelings of suicide and general hopelessness should start to diminish.

I take it alongside Duloxetine, which also has nerve pain properties, for major depressive disorder and can hand on heart say that the combination of the two have literally been a life saver! I totally understand the dark feelings but there is help out there.

Getting the correct mix of medication for chronic pain & depression, either as a separate illness or as a result of it, is tough for your doctors but you need to give them chance to get working. Taking more & more opiates doesn't result in more & more relief sadly.

I see from your initial post that you replied to a post about Pregabalin not being available where you live - are you in the UK?

Please don't take anymore large quantities of Oramorph: if the pain or desperation is becoming overwhelming, do you have someone who can contact an out of hours psychiatric service or accompany you to the ED? You need to be somewhere safe while this gets sorted.

Keep posting on here if you need to....



thank you hopefully these will work and yres im in the uk 20 miles west of london thank you for you kind words


I'm glad your GP listened to you, and I'm glad you posted an update.

I got a lot of support from fellow sufferers on here in my darker hours, and it's encouraging to see you got the same.

tec2tec, we are all here for you, and if you stay around, I think you will end up helping others too.

Hoping you get some relief soon, stay strong ;-)


I've had 30 + yrs Back Pain - 2 spinal fusions - Neuromas..etc. Found Indocid 100 Rectal Antiinflamatories very useful complementing Gabapentin Duloxatine Oxy Contin s/r Tegratol & Amatryptaline...phew...have awful periods but have never felt hopeless and injected neuroma nerve damage areas helps too

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I've been reading this and your previous post and really feel for you. I just wanted to reiterate what a couple of people have said, that you can definitely get pregablin in the UK. It works in the same way as gabapentin but can affect different people in different ways so you may find the side effects easier to cope with, and / or they may give you more relief. Whatever happens I really hope you get some relief soon, and can feel more positive about the future. Take care and keep us posted 😊 X

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