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Hi there. Looking for advice and support for my mum. She had a trapped nerve in her lower back that had left her with chronic pain up her side, affecting her leg and arm. This has gone on for over 2 years now. She's had nerve blocking injections to no avail and is now on a cocktail of tablets. I feel at a loss as to how I can help her. I wonder about alternative therapies and how they can help, although she did try acupuncture which didn't help! Hope there is someone out there who can help us!! Thanks for reading!! X

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  • Sorry for your Pain Mum.

    Has she been referred to the pain clinic? They can offer alternative therapy like acupuncture, swimming, TENS? Ah yes she has tried acupuncture. Pity as that can be so helpful unknotting muscles. How many sessions did she have?

    They also teach you how to self manage your pain.


  • Thanks for your reply! She is under the Walton Pain Clinic where she has physio but it doesn't seem to help her. Any activities such as swimming cause more discomfort. She only had a few sessions of acupuncture as it was so painful for her to have to needles put in. The specialist said she has 12th rib syndrome but there is so little info about it on the internet.

  • Mum's don't like all this mumbo jumbo medicine. Mine was the same and she had been a nurse

    The thing with acupuncture it can hurt a bit as the muscles are so tight with pain. They are doing their job and protecting the body.

    Has the pain clinic come up with any helpful suggestions? Physio does get easier and if sh does less than physio says and very slowly builds up it does work.

    My husband doesn't have the strength of confidence to swim so he walks round the pool. His legs are finally getting little stronger but golly it has taken 12 months


  • I had acupuncture myself a few years ago for bladder inflammation and it worked wonders for me so maybe it would be worth her trying it again?? She gets quite anxious now when we have to leave the house. I think this is due to her now not being able to go to work or drive anymore and had to constantly rely on the family for help. I think we are just feeling a bit disappointment as she's been having physio for over 12 months now but not really made any progress. The physio we are seeing has never heard of the condition that mum has (12th rib syndrome) so I can't be sure that we are getting the right support we need? It's great to hear that your husband is making progress!! X

  • I have the same problem!!! I have a kind of relief by applying Heat. I have heat in all chears, bed, etc etc., hope it helps.


  • Hi there! Thanks for your reply! I hope you don't mind me asking but what have you been diagnosed with? Xx

  • Me too and helped enormously.

    Your Mum is going through what we all do. Acceptance. Or not as most of us find. Disability, chronic pain is like a bereavement where you life changes forever. Like giving up your car. You hang on to it even though you will never drive again. There is always that hope. You have lost something for ever and you long for that past again. Something you loved but is now gone.

    Some accept what has gone before and remember the happy times. Others try to relive those time causing more pain and sadness.You can't live another person's life for them...not even Mum

    But my thoughts are with you.


  • It is hard when we dont have answers. We always think we have missed something? Am I doing all I can? Have I failed? So many questions. Sounds like you are part of a loving Family which goes along way towards acceptance or even strength to go on searching. Keep convincing your Mum she is special and that it is worth the fight. It is a pity swimming doesn't help, as this really helps relieve the stress on painful joints. Best wishes

  • It might help to see if you can get in touch with a football teams Chiropractor, most of these can fix a lot of problems that doctors can't be bothered to try, if you go private they try to get you to go for more sessions you need so they make more money out of you, there used to be these men hidden about all around the country at one time of day that could put anything right for a few bob, but you don't hear of them anymore,

    Feel sorry for your Mum but it might be worth asking around your grandparents & friends to see if they can remember if these men are still about.

  • Hi there, in what way is the nerve trapped? Has she had an MRI to confirm this? Can it be operated on? I had an operation to free a nerve. Have had guided si and facet joint injections which helped a bit. I will have another one soon. After that he is talking about nerve denervation, is that an option?

  • Hi there! Well apparently she broke her rib at some point and the nerve was trapped inside it as it healed? But it didn't start hurting until she had a kidney stone and that flared up the pain as it's the 12th rib which is behind her kidney. She's had scans and stuff and they tried nerve block injections but they didn't work. The only thing that had any affect was when they injected her with anaesthetic and the pain disappeared but then came back after it had worn off! I'm trying my best to find solutions to ease her pain. I'm interested in herbal alternatives but not sure how they might interact with the medication she is already taking for the pain?

  • Had another thought. You said the anesthetic helped til it wore off? How about Lidocaine patches? They are a local anesthetic.


  • Hi there! Thank you for being so thoughtful with your suggestion!! She tried the patches a while ago but didn't really help and they caused a rash on her back. I think the area of pain is just too large? X

  • These are big...about 12 ins by 8 and not like the diddy ones!

    Not giving up yet!


  • I love to hear that you are not giving up either!!! That makes me want to keep fighting for my mum!!! How would she get hold of the large patches? Xx

  • Mums are worth fighting for. I lost mine when she was 91.

    They are called Lidocaine and if you ask her GP or consultant they should be able to write out the script. Tell them you want the big ones. I must admit I thought they were all that size! There are small ones under different names.(morphine, Fentanyl etc)


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