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Hi got restless legs runs in my family had mir blood tests all came back negative, wake up three times a nigh for the past year they ache in the day, was given mirapein had bad reaction to the drug take co codomol and tried other pain killers but never sleep all night can any one help and tell me what works for them need to sleep even if its sleeping pills, I do meditation tried hot and cold packs at my wits ends. thank you in advance

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  • Hi Frances1

    I suffer with rls as well as chronic pain, as you can imagine one makes the other worse! I have found that tramadol seems to work well for both conditions. There is another forum specifically for restless legs syndrome - it might be worth posting in there as they have lots of experience of the condition. I hope you get some relief soon 😊

  • Where do you live, I am in Norman, Oklahoma, USA. At one of our health food stores I buy : STOPS LEG CRAMPS IN ONE MINUTE. That is the name of it, it is all natural Amish Formula. You pour a capful in small glass of water. It taste and smells horrible BUT IT WORKS, in about 1 minute.

    I have been using it for couple of years and works every time . Google it, I hope you can get it !!!

  • I live in Kent England I will look bit not seen it in any health shops, would you ask in your health shop please see if they send to England thank you. Linda

  • Hi frances1

    Has your GP not suggested Ropinirole as a medication to take? It's generally the drug that is given for RLS initially to see how it works.

    It has helped me greatly - I started on 500mcg and that worked for three years and have recently gone up to 1mg each evening.

    Tramadol is sometimes prescribed too.

    As has already been mentioned, there is a forum dedicated to RLS on Health Unlocked and they're a mass of experience, advice & support!

    All the best


  • Hi there amitryptililne or nortrypyiline could help with the sleep issues I found amitryptililne more sedating in the evening perhaps that would help along with tramadol for pain relief. I know my mother in law takes premeprepsel for rls I think it helps her I don't know if I spelt it right sorry. Kind regards Katie x

  • Indian tonic water works for restless legs. Cheap and easy to find. I buy the small cans.

    My husband had a lot trouble with his legs. The tonic water made a big difference.

  • Restless legs is often related to low iron levels. I no longer get restless legs since getting my iron levels up. Ask your doctor for a ferritin test.

    Another thing that helped me was introducing a regular magnesium supplement. I take magnesium citrate, 300mg per day, taken in the evening.

    There are lots of different ways in which magnesium supplements can be taken. It can be put in the bath in the form of epsom salts for example. It can be rubbed on the skin in the form of magnesium oil, or it can swallowed as a pill like the one I take.

  • It may be a coincidence but after 50 years of hell with restless legs I have cured it completely. I take an extra daily dose of Vitamin B12 and one folic acid. My B12 isn't low according to blood tests but I took extra anyway and now I'm cured.

  • Hey,

    please tell the dose, I''ll try


  • I will try and hope it works for me thank you.

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