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Swimming and water based activity 🏊🏾

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Hi all, I just wanted to tell you all how beneficial I have found swimming and water hydro therapy.

I was lucky to meet a retired back surgeon on a Saturday market a few weeks back, she noticed I had mobility problems and enquired and I explained to her. She suggested that I swim backwards because of the fusion in my back and she recommended I went to the health clubs or gyms as the water their will be warmer.

I thought about it and researched and I found a place not far from home, I had to get the doctor to sign that I am allowed to swim and do water based physio work.

I have to say while the pain is still there, I fell better for going, with the added bonus of the jacuzzi, sauna and steam room.

It has proved to be very beneficial and I get to have a social life which is very helpful, I know it is not cheap finding x amount every month, however it is definitely worth a try.

So I highly recommend it, I have already prior to starting swimming, cut back on my mess drastically.

Give it a go speak to your doctor.

6 Replies


I had six sessions at a hydro pool after a rotator cuff op on my shoulder I too would wholly recommend it

I did it at the physio dept at The Royal Liverpool Hospital.Unfortunately I was told when the new Royal is built there would be no hydro pool,which is a shame.

I have commented on several posts that my chronic sciatica has been vastly improved by doing some gentle exercises in a warm swimming pool. So yes I would recommend it.

Note of caution - is easy to overdo exercises and regret it later so care needs to be taken!

Hi Fedup....

I've tried swimming & hydrotherapy which whilst in the water was lovely - I particularly liked holding myself with my elbows on the side and letting my bottom end dangle in the water!! Obviously it took all the weight off from above and allowed by back to gently move around, loosening muscles that were 'doing porridge'!

Unfortunately, obviously, I had to get out of the pool and that's when I found it really difficult, a) because I felt a bit woozy, b) because all of a sudden you feel twice as heavy than before I went in and c) having to dry and dress myself seemed to undo all the good work!

Did you not find any of these an issue?

I may just be different to others but have long since wondered what the trick is!!


Yes I find it tough getting in and out of the pool, the pain is noticeable but I am doing a little at a time and hopefully it will prove to be beneficial in the end, one can only hope.

Good for you Hun x keep up hun x ☺️

I do Martial Arts for me it help with the pain and help with my Fithess and one is do kuk Sool Won this is very Lowe Impact and Meditation and Breathing exercises and get me out house .and I get to spending time with my hub x and be doing it for 6 months. But I had rally bad Flareups . I feel stronger wan there happen to me . And my hub Understands my Condition more x

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