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Some of you may use Krantom for pain relief. It is a natural herb but I have just received an e mail from the supplier Krantom. to inform me that from April it will be banned for sale under new legislation against legal highs.

They are still trading and their product is good but will probably not be available for much longer.

I have tried the Bali powder which does give one a mild feeling of euphoria and dulls the pain but tastes foul. I've just ordered the Bali capsules.

Would be interested to hear from anyone else using Krantom.

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It takes the edge of the pain for a couple of hours and gives one a pleasant relaxed feeling. Haven't found any long term relief unfortunately. Best regards Dan


Hi, I haven't used Krantom myself but understand how awful it must be for you having found something that helps with your pain only to have it banned. This happened to me a number of years ago when I used to use a natural product called Kava Kava, it worked as a muscle relaxant and I found it very helpful but that also was banned by the government. It seems they are determined to ban anything that may help us giving the reason it is dangerous to overdose on these products but then isn't everything dangerous if we take too much!

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In my opinion it is the pressure of the pharmaceutical companies that try to block natural remedies. They are happy to promote the use of morphine based on heroin though because it costs.

Anyway I'm going to stock up before the ban in April and I am still waiting for sativex to be prescribed which is now available here in France but only for MS.

There is such a taboo because it contains canabis resin whilst morphine which contains heroin is readily available. Doesn't make sense but I suspect it is all to do with the money honey!


I had never heard of kratom fill your post. I've ordered some to see how it works for me I'm on Butrans 20mg patch and it helps but if there is something out there that can help as well I'm all for it. I can't want to get the kratom but have no experience with it. Any of you that have any suggestions on how much to take and get started please let me know. I am new to this group so aloha from



I take Bali powder about a heaped teaspoon mixed with a couple of spoons of yoghurt on an empty stomach. It gives one a mild euphoric and relaxed sensation and takes the edge off the pain for a couple of hours which if like me you are in constant pain is better than nothing.

I've just bought capsules for when the powder runs out which might be easier to take but longer to be effective.

If you find it helpful you will need like me to stock up as it is probably going to be made illegal in April.

The powers that be prefer us to take the pharmaceutical poisons. Natural products are discouraged because they are cheaper to buy and help the people in the poor countries that harvest them.

Good luck with the Krantom. Would love to hear from you when you have tried it.



I'm experimenting with the tea bags before retiring but not noticing much at present. So will look into the powder and capsules. Thank you for the info.


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