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Thank you Amitriptyline


I wanted to write this as a positive for controlling my pain. I have been taking it for about 4 years, I have had chronic pain over ten. Before this I would wake constantly through the night and my pain level would start the day at a 9/10. I do wake during the night but quickly fall back to sleep I started on 10mg and am now on 15mg. I wake feeling a little hung over with a really dry mouth, this is in my mind a small price to pay to wake up relaxed. I know it is well used on here but when I ran out over a weekend, I REALLY noticed a huge difference back to waking up for hours at a time. My only regret is that I didn't have it from the start. My advice would be if your not able to sleep due to pain try it it has made a huge difference to me ;-)

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does it take a while to build up in system, an antidepressant ? better for you than tramadol I suppose?

great, it works!


I take a small dose which is prescribed for controlling my pain it can be used for depression in higher doses. I take tramodol but get a lot of breakthrough pain. X

Tramadol is a heavy drug mind

Yes bit is when I first started out I had mouth ulcers on the roof of my mouth and headaches. Almost felt worse on them they were a culture shock as before my ruptured ectopic surgery I had only taken paracetamol. I have been on them for years over ten so can't see a day that I would or could swap them or stop them ??

Hi I know my Dr started me a a low dose for a week then up to two tablets after that. This worked for a while before u needed to go to three tablets. It is taken in a lot higher doses for depression and I take Paroxetine 40mg for my depression. When I had bad flare ups before I would take 8 tramodol now with Amitriptyline I can go some days on just four and tens!!

It started working straight away for me I zonked out the first night first good sleep in forever. Hope this helps x

Its good to hear that it works for you. Unfortunately I can't take it due to other medical conditions but it is good to hear a positive.

Thank you x

What kind of pain and where. Looking for help with extreme nerve pain in both legs and feet

woosy123 in reply to tonyfiorese

I have tried every tablet for nerve pain. I have peripheral neuropathy which causes lots of pain and numbness. Nothing worked for me until recently when my doctor prescribed capsicum cream. I was very sceptical but thought what have I to lose. After a couple of nights the pain when I was in bed (I use it at bedtime) eased, and I would certainly say it has helped more then any tablet (and no side effects). Hope this helps.

tonyfiorese in reply to woosy123

What else is in the cream? What % of Capsicum? Was it covered by medical?

I'm currently on .50 mg of Nabilone and 300 mg of Gabapentin 3 times a day, but would love to not be, looking for longer nighttime relief for the extreme nerve pain.

woosy123 in reply to tonyfiorese

Hi, The cream has 0.025% capsaicin. It was recommended by my neurologist. It was prescribed by my doctor. Lots of people are on it. Like me you don't have much to lose. Keep taking your medication. If you ask your doctor for a prescription also ask his advice about reducing medication. I have reduced mine. Good luck.

Coastwalker in reply to woosy123

Have you checked your vitamin B12 blood levels woozy123 ?

Nerve pain, peripheral neuropathy, numbness are all symptoms of B12 deficiency.

There is a community on health Unlocked called 'PAS' for Pernicious Anemia and B12 deficiency members, might be a good idea to ask your question over on that forum. ?

Kersey48 in reply to woosy123

Yes I use this too - not every day but just when the pain is driving me silly. It does help.

Hi I have abdominal pain from three major surgeries in 12 months. I had a ruptured eptopic followed by 6 months later a large ovarian cyst that needed draining. I though I was done but needed morphine after this to find I had/ have internal scar tissue fusion surgeon said it looks a mess. I had my last surgery to cut away fused scar tissue, only to be told any further surgeries could leave me worse off. I did however managed to ditch the morphine and use tramodol.

I wake up feeling really relaxed, I have looked at the leaflet for you it only says its for depression and bed wetting. I cannot say whether it may work for you but a health professional could. Good luck x

So good to hear it helps you. For me amitriptyline is a nightmare, I tried it but it gives me uncontrollable restless leg syndrome which when I read up on it is an issue for those who suffer from this condition which I do albeit very rarely thank goodness.

I have been using Amitriptyline for some time now, and find if I don't take it to late in the evening, I avoid that "hung over" feeling in the morning.

And to combat the dry mouth, you an buy a saliva replacement spray. Hope this helps!

I agree totally ☺that we bit earlier helps

Thanks I take mine about 8 deco going to try mouth spray as hate dry mouth x


For me amitriptyline was awful, yes it helped with nerve pain and I slept better but had dreadful nightmares and I gained a lot of weight, I was then put on gabapantin and gained 8pounds in three weeks so pregab? same weight gain, in all I gained three stone!! Not good when you have a heart condition...Sadly there is no pill to take the weight back off 😤😢

Winniepooh1976 in reply to Hidden

Sorry to hear it gave you nightmares and made you gain weight. I have gained weight which is awful but goes hand in hand with being unable to walk far or on worst days at all. x

deb25426 in reply to Hidden

I had pregabalin, it work ok for me, but... I put on nearly a stone that I couldn’t really afford to put on, cos having underactive thyroid too... they were very reluctant to take me off it too..but I did a reducing dose myself over 3 weeks.. I’m waiting now for my next epidural cortisone pain injection.

I take 75mg of amitriptyline for fibromyalgia and meant to be for my sciatica aswell, which is not working at the moment so they are going to look into it further


I hope you get something that helps your deal with your pain my knowledgeable is really limited but I have read on here all the different pain meds available hope your having the best day you can x

I have been taking it for 3 years started at 10mg and now on 25mg. It does work, sometimes I get pain it does not help with but on the whole it is good. Side effects have only been odd sensations when I think I can feel something on my legs and only looking with my torch convinces me there is nothing there. Weird!! but easy to deal with. It does not help with general sensitivity in my feet - I find wearing socks in bed helps with this, if it gets too bad I get up and run cold water over my feet till it goes off.

I am on 25mg at night and it does help me get to sleep but not when I have a flare up with the shooting electric shock pains. Was thinking about asking about Tramadol not as long term but for the bad days when the pain is about level 10!! on the days when it is 3 - 4 I can cope and I dont want to take gabapentin or pregabalin all the time.

I think you should def ask for something for the bad days Tramadol are good painkillers I have been on them years x

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