Hi guys!! Looking for a little help. I've been having weird headaches for the past week. I sleep and wake up ok but by the time I get to work there's a dull/annoying pain in the back, right side of my head. Then I get these sort of weird pains throughout my head. Almost like a burning sensation. I haven't taken more than a few Aleve and find relief with my heated neck pillow. My neck is also pretty sore. I'm convinced it's a Brain Tumor. I went to the doctor yesterday who did some basic tests and feels like it's just tension/stress related but the pains are just too weird for me to believe it's just stress. I was told if they continue for a few weeks then they'll send me to a neurologist which freaked me out even more. Has anyone ever felt something similar before? Thanks for listening 😘

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  • Hi Tma621- the first thing to say is if you've seen a doctor and s/he's done some tests, if they thought there was any chance it was a brain tumour they'd act much more quickly and send you to a consultant straight away. So I don't think you need to worry about that, to be honest.

    My guess is that, if your neck is painful too, it could well be related to that. I have neck arthritis - and I get horrible head pains as a result too. It might be that you've twisted or strained your neck in some way and this is giving you head pain?

    Of course, if it does continue then I'd take the doctor up on that offer of seeing a specialist (neurologist). A neurologist will be able to do further tests and make sure everything's OK for you.

    I hope this puts your mind at rest a little. If you find relief with the heated neck pillow it sounds like that's a great thing to continue with.

  • Thank you, CarolineC57! That was a big help/relief.

  • Neck problems (arthritis, muscles) can definitely cause that kind of weird headache pains (I know from experience), so if your doctor has checked you out, then there shouldn't be anything more serious going on. The other sign that it is more likely musculoskeletal neck problems is that your heated neck pillow gives you relief. The basic tests your doctor did would almost certainly have shown up abnormalities if it had been anything serious neurological.

  • ask your doctor for an EEG. I had simmular pain and had that test done and everything was ok.

  • Better to get it checked out.

    Try accupuncture for releiving tension in your neck and shoulders or even regular massage.

    If that doesn't work and your headache is always relieved by lying down then a neurology consultation is a good idea.

  • See an optician. Some headaches could be related to eye problems.

    Hope this helps

  • In my experience these can all be some of the weird and wonderful signs of migraine! Hope you feel better soon.

  • Hi, Tma! I should say those headaches may cause a big pile of troubles. Know it myself.

    This is not good you have it extended on your neck. And why have you had it for the last week only? Was there anything specific which you did? Any hard labour or some drugs?

    My constant headache was caused by fertility drugs I was supposed to take in. I've tried two ivf cycles (unfortunately both they ended in failure). And both times I had that unbearable pain in my head. Doc said it was the reaction of my body for the coming hormones. Why knows? But after giving them up I felt much better.

    Well, if these are not any pills which provoke your headache, than what if you just have something wrong with your neck muscles. It happens sometimes that the pain can spread of the other parts of the body (you have sore neck so obviously pains in your head). You must clarify that as quick as you can for the pain not to penetrate into more severe one. Have my fingers crossed for you to be OK Xx

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