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I posted a note on here yesterday about migraine and so many very kind people have sent me a reply, I have been inundated with very helpful information but find it's going to be difficult to answer each and every one but will try and get around to it. This is an amazing site where we can all help one another with things we have tried and also support which we all so badly need as we all seem to be feeling very alone with our problems. I don't personally know anybody else who sufferes migraines as badly as I do, even my GP says I'm sadly the worst migraine sufferer he has ever known and he tries so hard to help me but is at a loss.

As I am new to 'Health Unlocked'and I don't quite know how this site works so I am not sure if you will all read this blog but I hope so. Will be in touch again a.s.a.p. Bye for now

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Sorry just saw your post. If you check with your GP and there's no conterindications, you can take FEVERFEW daily if you want. Or as soon as you get symptoms. It's a plant like Parsley. Or you can by dry herb in capsules. shop BALWINS In Elephant and Castle, London is excellent if you're close.

Feverfew has been scientifically proven to work if you Google reserch by randomised trials, and meta analysis.

I have no investment in any company.

All the best.


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Hi Annunnaki,

Thank you very much indeed for your kind reply with regard to Feverfew. I have taken this in capsule form and tablets too but sadly it didn't work for me. I have tried just about everything known to man that is natural but sadly nothing works for me. I am always willing to try new things but at the moment have run out of ideas. Thanks for your help and info. All the best to you.


Sorry sweetie. I hope you find something that does.



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