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Hi, everyone! I've changed my user name. Yesterday was my first day on here and I was calling myself Patient001 but that is just because I was feeling cranky and like a number because the oblr help I've gotten for my pain is tramadol and I can't sit down or even lie down without being in terrible pain.

Anyhow, I'm back to normal and have my actual first name now. LOL its nice to find a place with such supportive people and if I can ever be of help just let me know.

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  • We do get some most unusual user names but Tess is nice name and simple too.

    Welcome on board.

    Pat x

  • I like the name Tess, it's easy to remember when /if pleased to meet you.

  • Hello welcome Tess

    We are a very helpful lot here


  • Welcome Tess!

    I'm so pleased that today is an easier day. Really hope you can find some relief from your pain.

    Stick around - we're a supportive group 😊


  • In terms of your pain, you have the right to another Dr. You do not have to stay in pain. See another Dr, write down what you want to say, explain clearly how the pain makes you feel and how it effects daily life. No joy? Next step. Write to the NHS trust,

    write to charities, write to your MP. We do not live in a country where you need to suffer like this. Take action.

  • Tess_W I have PMed you under the name Patient0001, not sure if you will get it now ?

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