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Sciatic pain

Hi I am new to this site I just want to ask about sciatic pain I got sciatica in may 7 months ago I have severe pain at one point in my leg not much pain in my back my doc said I have bone spurs called osteophytes which are causing pain in mt

y leg ive been on anti inflation tabs diclac cataflam now im on lyrica 250gr a day but not doing anything for the pain so im going for mri next week, the pain is so severe it is affecting my life big time was just wondering if anyone else ever had this and what relief did theyget, thanks in advance.phil.

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I have lots of problems with sciatica as well. Things I have found. Useful are - pain killers from GP. Physio but took 2 goes to find someone that helped me! An osteopath. More recently I have been doing some gentle exercises in a swimming pool and that has helped significantly.

Hope you find something that works for you.


I feel your pain. I found that anti-inflams on their own just didn't cut it for pain relief (I have osteophytes too, and also had a slipped disc which thankfully reabsorbed. The spine problems are just an ongoing part of life but manageable most of the time with the right pain relief). Maybe see your doc again and explain that there is no relief or lessening of the pain (I'm assuming that is the case from what I read). My sciatic pain didn't go away completely, it merely had the edge taken off it and things were still very restricted, but tramadol helped to stop me going completely out of my mind with it all. A word of caution tho, if the nerve is irritated or trapped and you do happen to get some decent pain relief from the doc, DO NOT think "way-hay, let's go and catch up on all the physical stuff I should have been doing now" and run round like a headless chicken...take it very slowly, for your own sake! If the pain is that severe, I can't see you being able to do that tho, in fairness, I know I couldn't have!

Hopefully once the MRI comes back they will have a clearer picture of what exactly is going on and what might be able to be done. Have you seen a physio at all? Maybe they are holding off from that until the MRI results are back? I saw the physio before my scan and results had come through. I had several acupuncture sessions on the NHS which did actually help a bit with some short term relief. My physio instructed me to use crutches at first to take as much weight as possible off that disc which was obviously irritating the nerve. She was very strict on what I couldn't do, to give the nerve the best chance of being less irritated. I was trying to carry on with things as normally as possible and pretty much got told off for not taking care of myself properly! She didn't want me doing any bending, or really anything very much tbh, I had to get family to carry things, bend to get things from cupboards, do the hoovering etc, anything physical which might exacerbate things had to be avoided. I also had traction which seemed to help a bit, it kind of stretches the spine a bit which I guess took some pressure off the nerve too. The physio can also give you some very gentle exercises to do which may help, in stretching and strengthening if nothing else, and you'll know they are safe for you personally.

I did reach the point of going to an appointment to see a neurosurgeon, but thankfully the disc reabsorbed and the pain went back to my normal, fairly manageable, back pain again. Thank goodness no operation, I was a bit scared by the thought tbh!

I wish you all the very best in hopefully getting your issues resolved very soon. Do talk to your GP if the pain is driving your out of your mind, but if it is nerve related, which it sounds like it is with sciatica, then don't expect to be able to do everything you might have usually done prior to this episode, or at least not yet, be kind to yourself and give your nerve time to calm down a bit, don't push it. Very good luck with everything, take care of yourself xx


PS I just want to add...if you get any numbness in the groin area, loss of bowel or bladder control etc, you need to phone NHS immediately and quote that you might have cauda equina syndrome (search it on the web for more info). I was told that at every single physio visit, she would ask all the questions and stress that this was very important. It never happened to me tho so don't worry too much, just important to be aware of it. x


Hi thank you for the reply, I am in agony every minute of every day I do have a trapped nerve in my leg,it is caused by the osteophytes none of the pain killers are working for me I've had them all, just hope I dont have to have surgery im terrified of that, but I just want some relief it's been going on for 7 months now and seems to be getting worse, I'm having mri next Wednesday so hope I can get to the bottom of this, thanks again il let you know how its going.xx


Aww bless you, I hope you manage to get some relief soon. Very good luck with your scan xx


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When my PT recommended this belt I was thinking sure, a belt will help this awful pain. Well, guess what? It really does help, I was so surprise. Give it a try (I know - I didn't want to spend anymore money on medical stuff either) - but so glad I did. It is worth every penny.

Hang in there!


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