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S1 nerve root block

Hi everyone

It's been a while since I've posted, so if you don't know my story ,here's a quick overview. I am 24years old and have been design with severe lower back and right leg pain for over a year. I had numerous MRI scans, nerve conduction tests etc all coming back inconclusive. I've seen a orthopaedic surgeon, neurologist and had Physio and yet still no one could find the root cause of my problem. My gp has me on 600mg a day of pregablin, tramodol, ibuprofen and diazepam. I am also on crutches as the pain when I walk was excruciating.

I was then referred to a pain management consultant, who, as I am on the Isle of Man had a 4 year waiting list!! I knew I couldn't wait that long so in the end I decided to pain and go private. The sad fact is it was worth every penny, they had me in the week later and I told the consultant my story, he knew straight away what the problem was and how what he was going to do. And a plus was he was good no to do it urgent on the NHS as he thought it was awful what I had been through.

So it's been 2 weeks now since I have had a S1 nerve root block injection. I am. It going to lie the first week I felt awful and like I had been beaten up. Turns out I have severe deep bruising , an unfortunate side effect from the injections. I am still bruised and tender but have been told that will take a few weeks to settle.

The plus side is my leg pain is a lot duller and more manageable and I have my first Physio session tomorrow, so I am feeling very hopeful and positive!

I am aware however that this was not a cure and is only treating the symptoms not the cause but I am just happy for some relief and a decent night sleep.

Stay strong

L x

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When you see him in clinic ask him about radio frequency this is where they zap the nerve it does grow back but you get longer pain relief from it.


you say: " I had numerous MRI scans, nerve conduction tests etc all coming back inconclusive. ".

Muscle spasms do not show up on MRI scans. Nerve conduction tests only test between the two conduction points. So pressure on nerve roots which are outside the area of testing will not show up if there is a problem.

See both an Alexander Teacher and McTimony chiropractor and see what they come up up with. Both these disciplines use their hands to determine muscle behaviour and use their hands to improve muscle behaviour.

Faulty muscle behaviour can cause a lot of pain and discomfort.

Hope this helps.


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