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Can anyone help with my spinal neurostimulator?

I had a stim put in, back in September. I have had some problems with it and now it feels like I have a splinter in my lower left back (where the implant is) from the inside.

I don't know if I should contact the neuromodulation team and ask. I am going down to see the consultant in a couple of weeks so I could wait until then, but should I?



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Hi Jonny

So sorry to hear about your problems with your scs. I can't help,personally I'm afraid as I am waiting to be seen for assessment for one but I do belong to a ( closed ) Facebook Group of people who have had or who are going through the process.

Perhaps you would get some support there? If you're not on Facebook let me know what question you would like asked and I'm happy to ask on your behalf.

I guess the best port of call would be your hospital team tho as from what I've read you're still in the fairly early days part?

How has it been working for you otherwise?

Hoping you get it sorted asap

Good luck



Not an expert nor do I have a stim but I think you should at least phone the team. Best safe than sorry. 😜


cant hurt to ring them and ask


My best friend has had one for 4 years now, I had a word with her and she says her team advised her to get in touch if she experienced anything different or unusual that did not go away. Like a computer, she advises to turn it off for 10 minutes then turn it back on, if the pain is the same and in the same place ring them. I hope it settles down for you.


Hi Jonny,

I am on my third week of a trial pudendal Inter-Stim for pudendal neuralgia and just started seeing benefit from it. I'm hopeful to have the permanent stim implanted next week upon insurance approval. Although our stims are for different areas, I would definitely encourage you to contact your doctor that did the implant and let him know what is happening. There may be an easy explanation for it. I am being called every day for the past three weeks during the trial by my doctor's nurse. Depending upon my symptoms we tweak the modulation to see if I get better pain coverage. For several days I was getting a poking sensation on my right side by the nerve and after some trial and error, I no longer have that. Don't be afraid to ask questions to the medtronic rep or your doctor, that is what they are there for. God Bless!


See your Gp as fast as possible to check that your have not got an infection.


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