"AS" and "RH"

Have had these two annoyance's for a good few years now and have kind of settled on tramadol and naproxen,how ever normally in my neck and knees( always swollen) but recently been getting a feeling of " bruised" pads on bottom of my feet not at the back by my heal but the large pad by your toes( sorry don't know medical name for it?!?) my diet is good very rarely eat fatty food and even rarer drinker.so my question is does anyone else have this and what works for you because it is starting to be noticed by others whilst I am out and about (the way I walk) any suggestions...anyone .Thankyou

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  • Gel insoles in footwear eases symptoms.

  • Just ordered some now,I will give them a whirl and fingers crossed it will help thankyou

  • I love to walk barefoot indoors and outdoors but have been told not to by consultant ever! As we get older the fatty substance on our feet dissipates so our natural cushion is thinner. I use normal pads, fluffy pads on shoe as and as postlu housebound a decent pair of slipper which are hard to find!

  • Dear Pat, I have this come and go and always on my right foot! it moves from my heel to the centre of my foot and some days its gone completely, when its there it hurts like hell, if it was constant I would have gone to my GP, a friend I have says its called plantar facieitis, apologies for spelling she said (fashyitis) I would appreciate any info you find out on this one, and how to relieve it. All the best

  • Hi I've have this on both feet bought special insoles from chiropractor not cheap did no good I've found that it just takes time and heals itself but always comes back wear trainers or shoes with good support hope this helps

  • Thanks for the info, I suspect that if I thought about it I could judge which pair of shoes makes it worse because it does come and go, Ive been off work since Wednesday wearing my soft slippers and trainers and I have not noticed it so much, so perhaps it may be the shoes I wear for work? Thanks again for the info I had not thought it may be caused by my shoes but it probably is.

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