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L5/S1 nerve damage

Hi all.

I was suffering with severe pain down my right leg and foot for over a year. I was all sorts of medication to try and ease the pain but nothing really worked. Anyway after a couple of MRI scans it showed my disc had prolapsed and was crushing my nerve. To cut a long story short...... I have just come out of surgery 3 days ago where they cut the part of the disc that was crushing the nerve. I no longer have any pain in my leg but my lower back is constantly burning where they operated. I have approximately a 3 inch scar. The dressing is still on but it's very sore. Does anyone know how long this burning lasts.

Thanks everyone.

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You may have an infection in your wound ??



That part of your body really doesn't like being disturbed and sorting the disc isn't a straightforward op so it will be sore for a few days yet. The surgeon had to cut through and move tissue which will be sore too plus obviously, the cut in your skin!

Hang in there - it does calm down eventually. If you get a high temperature then this could indicate an infection but don't worry yourself prematurely!

Take it easy for a few more days and keep up basic pain relief. Ease yourself into normal daily activities slowly.

All the best



Thanks for the comments.

The dressing has now come off and I'm just left with the stitches where they are covered by the strips. Pain is good at the moment. I have walked a bit so that's good. Its still sore and tender but I know that's only temporary. I have my first physio session today,so hopefully that all goes well.



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