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Tenderness Over Lower Rib Cage Skin at the Back

Hello everyone, its my first time posting anything on this website, so do forgive me if I make a mistake, or behave in a way that is out of 'HealthUnlocked' etiquette.

Last night, I noticed that the the area above ( not under) my lower ribcage on my back , was tender to touch, and moderately painful. Pressing down on the skin to feel my lower ribcage is quite painful, and its not the actual bone that hurts, just the skin and the area under it. I did play a lot of tennis table on the same day, so do you think thats what is causing the pain?

Thank you for replying in advance

P.S. I can assure you that the pain is not originating from an organ, or bone, but just the fat under the skin; and I don't have any bruises or rashes either.

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My best suggestion is to see your GP. Maybe a little buising under the skin or over stretching from table tennis.

If it is painful try ssome OTC pain relief meds. Plenty to choose or ask the pharmacist.

Meanwhile a good old fashioned hot water bottle wrapped in a cloth.

But speak with your GP

Pat x

PS there is a section on HU rules you can read if you want to post again. Fairly simple but good to listen to them.


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