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Sinus pain

I was recently diagnosed with this. It had been going on since March, went to EVERY HOSPITAL AND 6 different dentists to find out why my teeth were burning, MY OWN DENTIST being lazy told me to quit smoking. I was given antibiotics cephalaxin i believe and amitriptyline, for the pain. Nerve in sinus pain shooting straight down to my teeth and gums. I wouldnt wish this on my worst enemy.

In any event when those antibiotics were done the pain was back. I also take clanazopam 3 tabs a night with the amitriptyline and i wake up screaming and crying at least 3 times a night going to bed at 12ish and usually screaming in pain about ever 2 hours after that, any suggestions. Oh yes an tremadol doesnt work, pill form. Needle i shoulder at hospilat yes.

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Sorry about your pain. I do think though your dentist was right in saying it would be useful to quit smoking. The last thing you want if you already have extremely irritated sinuses is to have smoke and cigarette chemicals going through your sinuses. It could just be the thing that makes the biggest difference for you, so definitely worth a try.

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I used to have sinus problems about every couple of months . until I quit smoking. Now no more. But I do know one person who has sinus problems who has never smoked.

I do agree though with earthwitch that the smoke will irrate the sinuses a lot if that's the problem..



When you say you went to a hospital, was that a Dental hospital ?


Try Erythromycin. This is an antibiotic which has very good anti-inflammatory properties.

This is a suck it and see if it has an effect.

Google "erythromycin anti inflammatory effects".

Hope this helps


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