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Pain, Sleep and Mattresses, Sprung or Foam?

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A little advice please from anyone who's replaced a mattress recently? I''m hoping not to choose the "The worst mattress ever possible". So if youre finding your mattress fantastic or absolutely useless would you please let me know? Maybe it's human nature, but I picked an unbranded memory foam mattress from one of the "jumped on the bandwagon" style of supplier. The only memory it has is that it goes flat and stays that way! 😨 I'm not having much luck, and I'm in danger of purchasing the wrong thing for DDD + SS, my back, hips and shoulders need some support!

Kind regards . Lynda

10 Replies

I have spine problems and find that starting with a fairly firm mattress is best. Then a layer of something soft - cheap option is an old duvet on the mattress under the sheet, or some other kind of soft topper pad - doesn't need to be thick or fancy, as its just to cushion the top a little.

The main thing to get comfortable once you have the mattress sorted, is an array of pillows, foam wedges, long body pillow, or microbead pillows (travel pillow type) that you can put around your body to support it. If lying on my back, it would be a thin pillow under my knees, and the microbead pillow under my neck (no other pillow under my head). If on my side, its a thin pillow between my knees, and a firm thick one to rest my arm on, with sometimes another fairly firm pillow behind my back.

I have just bought a new bed and mattress from Dreams.

Main reason I chose this company is that they offer 40 night change of mattress.

If you don't like mattress you can change it for free during 40 days.

I chose a very firm mattress and am sleeping loads better.

I bought a new mattress recently and it has been a great help. We got the best strung mattress we could afford as my back, hip and pelvic pain is pretty bad. It should last for years. Just as my back problem will last for years. We bought from a local shop where the mattresses are made by visually impaired people. It was expensive but worth it. I sleep reasonably well considering.


My physio told me years ago that I would need a medium soft mattress but with springs. I do have, but I also have a thick duvet on top and I'm comfortable.

I agree with physio as if it's too springy you find it too hard to get up, so I suppose a lot depends on your degree of disability, myself I got a mattress on my trip to market one day and as you can imagine it was not the most expensive or orthopaedic, that cost, 'an arm and a leg, no pun intended, but it's medium to soft with springs and vwallah it's as good as any other expensive one I've ever had , but go on try them all and take your other half with you to give it a try haha, best wishes Alex

I've had an expensive Tempur mattress for 10 years now. It has made so much difference to my sleep quality. It doesn't go flat, it isn't hot and sweaty and I am not disturbed by my husband turning over. Or perhaps I should say he isn't disturbed by me. Every other sort of mattress has given me some problem over time. Staying with friends, relatives or the odd hotel reminds me of how good it is. It is best to get the thick brand name. I'm not sure that a Tempur topper is good enough for our sort of pains as they can be quite thin in comparison.

I have a sprung mattress with memory foam on top. It's good mix and exceptionally comfortable but it did cost a lot! Best investment I ever made.

It was Β£1500. I also got specialist pillows too so total cost was Β£1800.

We do have a king size bed.

My gran said always get the best bed, shoes and coat as these are what you use most and they make a big difference in being comfortable.

You can try out the beds in the shops and I found out afterwards you can get a tax rebate if you are disabled! Something to do with VAT, maybe worth looking into.

Need more information. For some types of condition very hard mattress is useful. A hard mattress insists that you must relax before going to sleep. This helps with various painful conditions.

A soft mattress means that you do not need to relax to be comfortable. However, this lack of need to relax means that painful conditions can be made worse as tight muscles have an input to pain and discomfort.

Hope this helps.

Hi my husband had a slipped disc about 10 years ago and we were advised to buy a Memory Foam mattress it is the best mattress we have ever had it is a Tempur mattress hope this helps


We purchasted ours from Dreams it is a top named one as well. (Tempur)

Before we purchased itI was unable to sleep anywhere in our house.

The bed has the benefit off the memory foam & adjustable bed.

I can change it "as & when" this is perfect for my ongoing condition !!!!!

Please let me know if there is anything else that I can help you with???


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