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unexplained pain

I have been in pain for way over a year now, i had my appendix removed last year and have been in pain ever since in my groin area on my right side, the pain does go down the top of my leg too, but mainly situates in my groin area, i'm always exhausted, and find it physically exhausting doing simple daily tasks such as doing clothes washing etc, i have gained a lot of weight over the last 6 odd months, my sleeping patterns have changed a lot, i find it very difficult to go to sleep, and have had very high stress levels, have experienced a few panic attacks, and do feel quite depressed a lot of the time. The main thing is the pain and exhaustion every day, i am in contact with my gp and have seen a couple of gastroenterologists, the first specialist just gave me the brush off and told me that my brain was telling me i'm in pain when i'm not, he still even said it could be adhesions or the nerves could be damaged. I saw a bone specialist who looked at my ex-ray of my hips and said my two hips are slightly different and that could be the cause of the pain, and the second gastroenterologist who i saw ( pushed for this referral because of the first not finding any conclusion, and not guiding me where to go next) and he said that he thinks its IBS but he's not ruling out anything else that it could be, it could still be adhesions just getting so frustrated as there is still no conclusion yet to whats going on, why i'm still in pain, am currently taking Lyrica, but on its own its not working so have to take paracetamol and codeine, and when it gets really bad i have to take liquid morphine.

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Consider getting lo-dose, slow release Morphine capsules, (mine was 30mg every 12 hours).


Thats very helpful thank you :-)


I don't have any answers for you, other than to say don't give up hope. I had "unexplained" pain for several years (in my face), and saw countless consultants. Some said it was "in my head", although it turns out it does have a physical cause. It just wasn't very obvious.

I think it's very unhelpful to be told that it's not "real" pain. I know that sometimes the pain can still be felt long after the injury or surgery has happened, which is probably what that consultant meant, but didn't explain it properly. It doesn't take away the fact that it still hurts!

Can you go back to your GP and see if there is another combination of medication that might help you better? If they have finished doing all the tests could you ask your GP to refer you to a pain clinic, where they have experience of dealing with unexplained pain?

Good luck


My physio consultant has referred me to the pain clinic, and i do have an appointment with them in december. So hopefully that will come to something. But i'm getting increasingly worried about my job and wether i will have one if this goes on for much longer. And over the last year have felt very anxious all the time, feel depressed all the time :-(


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