My husband has gallstones recently infected, he in hospital now had puss drained unfortunately got sepsis but under control. Unable to operate as has COPD and eptopics and LBBB his tummy is very distended which causes him loads of problems doesn't drink or smoke. I know nurses and dr's very busy but need to know how to cope with this when he comes home have read loads about gallstones dis tending the belly. Will ask about medication to rid stones but heard that can take years I know I'm rambling but want to help him any suggestions please

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  • You might want to ask the doctors whether changing his diet to a very low fat diet or other diet change would help avoid the gall bladder problems. Also ask whether they can do an ERCP to remove the gallstones - thats done with a tube down the throat, rather than a full operation, and I think can be done with a much lighter anaesthetic,. I know they did it that way with my mum as they didn't think she was a good risk for a general.

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  • When your husband is distarged from hospital they will talk him through the aftercare, diet, rehab etc so try and be there when the docter comes around. Have a list of questions ready and if you miss the docter the nurses should be able to answer your questions and offer there support if needed. Im sure your husband will ask you to help him when he gets stuck so dont worry and just enjoy each others company.

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  • I agree that you must insist that you are there when he gets instructions from hospital staff about how to keep himself as well as possible. Vit C may help to build up his immune system to fight the infection. Ask to see a dietician who can give more detailed help about how he should eat. When he is over this episode he may be able to have the gallstones removed by key hole surgery. High cholesterol can be a factor.

    Ask your GP to register you as his 'unpaid' family Carer and ask if you can always be involved with Care Plans and advice to keep him as well as you both can at home to avoid hospital admissions if possible.

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  • Hi. I had gallstones and had gallbladder removal, I know exactly how he must be feeling with the pain, thing is there is no solution for the pain until the stones are removed! The pain is horrendous, avoid fatty foods and fizzy drinks these make the gallbladder attack as in gallbladder attacks. Also I would advise no quick movements for him I know it sounds silly but when you make sudden movements in fast way the stones move and cause pain. Usual way in removing stones is surgery or endoscopy in which they insert a camera down the throat to remove stones as some may to large to pass, if stones are able to pass they would of already passed.

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