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Back Pain

I have had back problems since I was a teenager. Most of them were acute pains and would go away after a day or two. In recent years I would get more serious back pains which would be more persistent and would last longer, but would eventually go away after resting more. These can more simply be called pains due to fatigue. I think I have now developed chronic back pain and here are some details of my situation. For the last 6 months I have had more severe back pain in the lower back region that would not go away and nothing seems to affect it. Resting doesnt help as I can't lay down for long unless I go to sleep. Sleeping for longer hours gives me a stiff back and that doesn't help the situation. Sometimes sleeping in short intervals of 4 hours helps but other times I wake up with a tired back if I sleep for less hours and it becomes harder to be mobile. When I wake up I have to get out of bed as laying ther for more than 10-15 minutes causes more stiffness. Also I can't sit on hard surfaces as it causes pain in the lower back region. I can't stand for too long. I can't walk for too long and I can't even sit for too long even on soft surfaces. I would say that I can't sit and stand for more than 30 minutes and can't walk for more than 10 minutes without feeling pain in my back. I also can't lay straight on my back with my legs straight. To lay flat on my back I have to fold my legs. I do, however experience good days. Good weeks even, when I can walk for even an hour without any pain but these days are few and far apart. The only thing that seems to help is light stretching, but that too only temporarily helps. Another thing that sometimes helps is sitting in a stretched out position. For example with my knees up closer to my chest but I have noticed that this sitting position leaves me with a numb feeling in my lower back and therefore I can't sit in this position for too long. Sometimes after some movement resting for a while can give temporary relief and sometimes after sitting for too long, slight movement helps. Sometimes, laying on a hard surface such as the floor helps. I was recommended some exercises by my physiotherapist to strengthen lower back muscles but they too, only temporarily help and other times they make the pain worse. At this point I do not know what to do. I am only 23 years old and this situation is very depressing for me. I sometimes take anti inflammatory and muscle relaxants but not very often. I also sometimes wear a lumbar support belt which helps but after sometime the pain comes back even if I am wearing the belt. The belt is more useful when I am mobile but too much movement still causes pain. Is there anyone out there who has had similar pain? Can anyone please help me out?

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Check out the criteria for inflammatory back pain on the National Ankylosing Spondylitis Society website. You would appear to have a lot of red flags for spondyloarthritis - chronic back pain not from injury, starting in teenage or young adulthood, sacroiliac (sit bone) pain, worse on rest, and relieved by stretching and light exercise and antiinflammatories.

Ask to be referred to a rheumatologist as they are the ones who will assess for inflammatory back pain.

here is the link to the S-factor back pain campaign with the inflammatory back pain criteria


My team have concocted a new 100% herbal product, a pain relief essential oil which is to be applied to the affected area. Good news is it does provide pain relief nearly instantly. Although 1 user who applied it for her knee pain (an arthritis patient), feedback that if she stop using it, the pain recurs. Arthritis, Rheumatism, Gout and joint inflammation patients reported pain subsided upon application.


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