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Had my pip assessment today but it got cancelled,got there and got told woman was off sick that I was suppose to get a call yesterday to tell me,it's weird I had to cancel it 8 weeks ago cause I was in hospital ,phoned them just before I went to theatre,got told it wasn't a good enough excuse,what's making me so angry is I cancel it and it's a mark against me and they do it without even telling you and everything's ok, sounds like double standards, got a new app for 14th sept,can't wait!!!

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Sort to hear this.

Yes unfortunately if it was us we would never hear the end of It !!!!!!!!!

When I had mine a few years ago.

I had to go all of the way into "Birmingham City Center"

This is a good way for me to go.

Lucky we have a good bus svs.

Fingers crossed for that one!!!



Do you wonder what happens when the PIP Examiner is ill to often ??

Just a thought !



Called them today to have a wee rant, you can't win with these people, blamed everything on the bloody computer!!!!!

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The computer cannot talk back


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