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MRI Fiasco!!!!

My MRI experience yesterday was not good. I took the 2 Diasapam, the nurse tried to insert needle for the contrast and my vein collapsed. I asked how long the scan would take and she said 1 hour. I would have to lie on my stomach with my arms out in front like superman (nurses words), they would scan first without contrast and then introduce the contrast.

I explained I had problems lying on my stomach due to Hiatus Hernia and multiple Lipomas, which are very painful without having to lie on them. She went off and spoke to her consultant and returned to say that he said I was not suitable for this type of scan and would refer me back to my consultant for a follow up ultra sound scan. I was not impressed as I had taken the pills to calm me down and didn't get the scan.

Why can't they sort out these things before you are given an appointment? Surely it would save a lot of time and money on the NHS if they knew patients history before putting them through this. I'm not happy.



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Oh man that's awful! It's ridiculous that you got sent al that way for no reason.

At least you got some freebie diazepam?


I've never had Diasapam before and they were the lowest mg wise. I was knocked out by them last night and felt really out of it this morning, but better now. I live in Wales so we don't pay for prescriptions anyway.

Calmed down a bit now from my ordeal yesterday, but not happy that I have to have another ultra sound scan which won't show anything different than before.



I've had it before after surgery and loved it. Had a few stashed for difficult nights as well.

I imagine you're going to have to wait a while for this other scan too! Do you get your treatment in Wales?


I get all my treatment in Wales. I don't think I will be trying Diasapam any time soon

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