Lidocaine Infusion :)

Hi folks. Just a quick update. I had my first lidocaine infusion today. I suffer facial pain and nerve pain in my trigeminal nerve following an accident last year. I have reactions to anti convulsant medication which normally helps this condition. After the worst week yet, my pain clinic moved my infusion forward. I was also given a small amount of fentanyl with the transfusion. All went very well. It took an hour for the drip to go through and I felt a bit drowsy and sleepy afterwards. I had a nap for 20mins after the procedure. I slept for a few hours this afternoon and feel ok. Still a bit sleepy. My pain is greatly reduced from the lightening bolt electric shocks to 'pin prick' feelings every now and then. Long may it continue :)

Has anyone else had this procedure and if so did the effects last??

Lou x

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  • Hi Lou_in Pain

    I haven't had this procedure but I have had occipital nerve pain after a very nasty RTA in 2009 and you have my sympathy - it is horrendous.

    I'm so pleased the infusion went so well and really hope the effect lasts and lasts ☺️

    Take good care,



  • Thanks Shirley for your reply. It's the morning after and I had a great sleep and feel like a weight has been lifted. They have offered to repeat in 8 weeks again if it's beneficial. Did your nerve pain resolve on its own or are you still managing it? Lou x

  • Hi Lou_inpain,

    I'm sorry I am certain I replied to this but don't see it here - strange!

    So here goes again!

    I had many cycles of first of all nerve root blocks which helped but only for a very short time each time. Then PM doc moved on to Radio Frequency Lesioning ( also known as Rhizotomy. This combined with very gentle osteopathy / cranial osteopathy seemed to gradually make a real difference. The accident was in 2009 and I have had a much better time with my neck until recently but the current issue is much lower down than the C2 level which is where the occipital neuralgia stemmed from.

    I really hope,you are continuing to do well. I remember vividly saying throughout that time that I wanted to take my head off and leave it somewhere it was just soooooo painful.

    Thinking of you,



  • I have been having the lidacain infiusion done once a week for over three years . So I'm thinking that they last for a week !

  • It's been about 30hours and I'm already starting to feel pain :(

    Maybe they will need to adjust the dose the next time.

  • What is your dose of lidocaine , I had mine yesterday and last night and I have a 1600 dose. I usually feel it wares off half way through the week . If you've only just started having the infusions it can take a while for it to take effect .

  • I'm not sure of the dose but I would imagine they have started on lowish dose with my history of drug reactions. Thank you for your comment. Do you mind me asking what you have this treatment for?

  • I had a total knee replacement 4 years ago at 43 and and then 3 manipulation a on my knee within 3 weeks of surgery because the knee kept of stiffening up and loosing motion and the pain started to get worse and worse and then I found out I had complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) . No pain meds work so they tried the lidacain infusion to help me with the pain. I also take a cocktail of pain meds to help with pain also.

    If your on lidacain for an hour or so it will be a low dose as my 1600 takes between 12 and 16 hours to complete the infusion.

    Please let us know how you get on.

  • Hi all, I was just wondering when do they decide lidocaine infusion are right for you? I see a pain consultant and they have never mentioned this treatment to me. I don't know if this is because they don't offer this treatment or whether it is because it is not right for my condition? I suffer from chronic pain in my lower back, which is not being helped much with current medication and I am looking for something else that will really help.

  • Just an update. The pain is back with a vengeance!! Didnt last long at all. Ive left a message with my pain clinic. So dis-heartened :(

  • Hi lou in pain,

    just wondering which medication your specifically reactive to pse

  • Hi Jules. They have tried me with oxcarbarzine. Lyrica, baclofen, amitriplitine and gabapentin - ended up in hospital over some of the reactions :(

    They would be safer cutting my face off :(

  • Hi Lou

    thanks for response. am thinking since you seem to have alot of reactions, yours may be a case of gentle experimentation with one medication at a time and seeing how you respond before introducing another into the equation. I wish for your that you will find the right lidocaine dose. In due course yu could ask your doctor if (duloxetine or venlafaxine) or if thier is any NMDA targeted medication that could be suitable for your situation all factors considered.

    Wish you well

  • Thanks Jules. I am taking 75mg of venlafaxine in the morning and 150mg at night and they have also given me 0.5 clonazepam for night as well. At least the clonazepam which I started on Friday has helped me to sleep. Everything is a million times worse with no sleep.

  • Hi

    I haven't tried duloxetine but they have just upped my dose to 2 x 500mcg at night. Last night was the first night I took 2 and it completely knocked me out. Still feeling very dizzy. I'm not sure methadone would be a good way to go. Is it not very addictive?

  • Very true. I had an incident last week where I asked for Severdol and as my usual GP was on holidays I was accused of drug seeking by another doctor! Can't win

  • Just a wee update on this thread. So... I was talking 225mg of Venlafaxine and 2 x 500mcg of clonazepam and it completely stopped my pain - that was Thursday and Friday last week but took a seizure on Friday night and 16 seizures on Saturday and some yesterday and just 2 today - just out of hospital as they have calmed down. They have told me that my body can't cope with such a high dose of medication so it has been reduced!

    Starting to get twinges of pain in my face again :(

    Nothing but drama and back to the drawing board :(

  • Hi lou

    I have been having the infusions for a number of years now. I have chronic nerve pain in my rib cage from a car crash. When I was 1st diagnosed they tried the infusion and it did absolutely noting expect as u said made me really sleepy.

    A couple of years later my pain team decided to try it again and I got really good relief lasting up to 3months.

    However the same thing happened as always when I found something that helped after a while my body got used to it nd it didn't have the same effect.

    I would definitely keep going with them to see if next time u will get longer relief from it.

    Hope this helped a little.


  • Hi Emma

    Thanks so much for your reply. I have had another consultation and they are going to try the lidocaine again but double the dose this time to see if I can get longer relief. Really hoping this helps but it's great to hear someone getting positive results. Do you mind me asking if you take anything in addition to these transfusions? Lou x

  • Hi lou

    In the beginning I would have been on alot of medication aswell as getting the infusions however in recent years I try to just get the infusions and sometimes I will use the lignocaine patches as I have a little girl and just can't be spaced out all the time on meds.

    In June I got a botox procedure done and one week to the day I got it done I woke with NO pain. I always said that I would get more of a fright if I woke up in the morning with no pain as it was my normal to wake up to pain day in day out!

    I got 2 1/2 months relief from it and I'm waiting to get another. I'm back on meds now (morphine) until I can get the procedure again and I'm really struggling with the side effects.

    Trying to lead a "normal" life while on medication just seems next to impossible.


  • That's good news about the Botox. I understand the spaced out feeling as I find the clonazepam helps but it just knocks me out and makes me so groggy the next day.

  • Hello.

    I have fibromyalgia, is the lidocaine for this condition. I have had it for years but has been commpounded by a servere heart attack i had in spain on july3rd/4th and 6th july followed by surgery. It was a great shock.

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