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Riveroxoban-side effects

I've only been on Riveroxoban for 2 months now and I've almost lost all of my hair. I'm now back on Wafarin (today), so hopefully my hair will stop falling out. I had beautiful hair (And when your disabled and in a wheelchair, that was my only pride and joy that I had left).

When my hair started to fall out I told the doctor as it was not written on the leaflet as a sis effect. She was not sympathetic at all, and she quoted "I know nothing about this drug and because it's a new drug, they won't know about all the side effects). She made me feel like I was wasting her time, & just to get on with it and stop moaning about it. I know there are people worse of than myself, but at least I felt like a woman when I had my hair.

I googled it, and there are loads of people (esp women) losing their hair, not so much with men, and the company was quite in denial and said it could be anything, but now going back to the Anticoagulate clinic, it was like a fresh of breathe of fresh air. The doctor understood and it seemed to be quite common with women. So hopefully, the company that make this the wonder drug will put it on the leaflet that's in the packet as one of the side effects.

Also I was told it had been passed etc in the USA, that all tests were done, but they are still experimenting with it, and according to one doctor, it's not been out for 10yrs, and it's not long been over here (UK). And the doctors don't know as much as they say they do.

Why change something that works!!


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I don't know about this drug but I do know about losing your hair.

As a Leo mine yoo was my crowning glory! When I lost it over 15 yrs ago my wonderful hairdresser suggested a wig, Remembering those ones we dressed up in as children I shied away. However she brought some for me to try and they were fabulous. I could have any lengthm any colour and we had hours of fun chosing a couple. A little outrageous but worth it til my hair grew back.

Pat x


It's great when you know your hair will grow back, but because they don't know, it then becomes a worry. With Wafarin I remember losing a little hair at first, but when u had hair down to the waist, then watch it disappear within 2 mths, then it becomes a worry. I probably would not worry so much (but some women would) if I was elderly, I'm not saying I'm a spring chicken, but I would like some dignity left, I've lost a lot as it is, & I don't fancy wearing a wig. On Riveroxoban, they don't know whether or not that the hair will fully grow back, it's still at its experimental stage, and I'm not going to wait and see. My fringe now is part of my longer hair that's been brought forward. Luckily I had a very thin fringe, so whats been done was to cut it as if I had a fuller fringe, if u know what I mean. and underneath looks like I've got a receding hair line which hopefully now will grow back? I HOPE, nobody knows as yet. I know longer have thick hair down to my waist.



I didn't actually now if it eer would grow back but this was a new chakkenge which had to be overcome It took 5 yrs.

Don't look back at what you had - that's wasting energy and you will resent it if it never returns. You have made a new style with what you have well done.

Wigs are hot and I have a big head but I was never slim enough or pretty to go without.

And it was huge fun confusing friends. I was almost 50



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