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injections not worked

well three week since my nerve block injections and i am still getting the leg,foot and now lower back pain. For the first week i really thought it had worked then increased my activities and bingo back it came. Drove with breaks for 80 miles only to suffer that night and following day with serve pain mainly in my thigh around front unable to raise leg to climb stairs without shooting pain. Went back on co-codemol only to get indigestion, waiting for physio appointment to try and stretch nerve out has that is what they say is the problem still taking Nortriptyline 40mg at night which i was hoping i could lessen after injections but not looking that way. i keep moving and have a job where i am able to alter my position and move around infact i walk miles with in my job role. By the end of the day my legs are painfull and my physio says my thigh and calf Muscles are very tight so need stretching every so after. all this seems to step from my two bulging discs which i know is going to be for my life time and i have been told i will never be totaly pain free but they say i can hopfully can reach what is a manageable pain level just wish it could be reached soon has i have already had to change my job and lifestyle also my main hobbies of gardening and walking seem to be less achievable too.

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I'm sorry to hear about your pain. In relation to the injections, I had one set of 4 followed by a set of 8 and they had no effect either. I hope they find some other way to help you.


When I had my test injections, my back was worse off. It didn't do anything but stir up more pain and to be truthful with you, I went downhill fast.

I am thinking up new activities as my life has been turned upsidedown. I

have to look at it as a great activity (gardening) when I was younger.. I am

now 48. I haven't been able to do much gardening for the past 4 years.

I can still go to garden shows in a chair or on a scooter.. I'm going to have

such good memories. lol.. How else can we look on this?


There are the back injections steroids or numbing agents

Same for facet joints, or SI joints all in that lower back area.

So far two didn't work for me. I'm going for the SI joints next.

Without some interaction I go from very athletic to bedridden.

I am working the upper body though but just a little bit to start.

There is always something else, I hope.


i have had both the facet joint injections and the nerve block injection neither can i say have worked. i have now been told i have to learn to leave with pain and stop when the pain comes on and rest or change activity or position, its not a case of walking through the pain. my physio said a mile walk to my back is more like a three to four mile walk. activities and chores have to be staggered and pace my life


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