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After a bout of sciatica, a few months ago, my left hand shakes a little, why is this?


When I had sciatica a few months ago, terrible pain and not being able to walk for a couple of days. Was still in terrible pain a couple of days later, then gradually pain decreased over the following week. But since then my left side is weaker (can't hold the gear pedal down for long periods) and my left hand shakes a little, especially if I'm holding something. Why is this, and is there anything I can do to improve strength and stop shaking?

My GP said she could only refer me if I lost sensation in my limbs.

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I get varying degrees of sciatica, both legs, and easily lose feeling and have burning points, especially big toes. Also wrist problems which are nerve trapped and shakes. Have been under vague control with gabapentin which I think might cause this possible for you? Also, do you have any spine or back problems? Unless GPS have definite causal point, they don't refer, it seems.

cc120 in reply to Heorte

Hi Heorte, not taking any meds, what do you take gabapentin for?

Heorte in reply to cc120

Take Gaba for neuropathic pain, including chronic sciatica, but I have a lot of spinal causes. If you get new episodes , it is important to have cause investigated.

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Are you undergoing any other treatment, via chiropractor for your spinal issues? Have you heard of Spinal decompression or Gelstix treatment?

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Hi Heorte, is gabapentin prescribed medication?

Heorte in reply to cc120

Yes, and there are similar forms lik3 pregabalin ...Think that's right spelling

This is a possible spinal problem. Muscles are reacting to the sciatica and applying pressure on the root nerves that supply the left side. See a chiropractor they may be able to help.

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Thank you johnsmith, the muscles on my left side always seemed quite relaxed.

johnsmith in reply to cc120

There are surface muscles and there are deep muscles. Relaxed surface muscles can hide quite well tense deep muscles.

Just something to check.

cc120 in reply to johnsmith

Thank you. Certainly worth checking into. Any tips on the best way?

johnsmith in reply to cc120

This is an area for someone who knows massage.

I find for myself that I cannot check the muscles on myself, while I find it dead easy to check for the problem on another person.

Do you know a McTimony Chiropractor.? They may be able to check that your muscles are okay.

Sorry I cannot be more helpful.

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I looked it up, does sound interesting, but probably couldn't afford right now, but will keep in mind. You've been as helpful as a person could be : )


It's worth a mention to tell you that I was taking baclofen. My hands jerked and shaking like a tremor while taking it. I looked up the side effects on the manufacturer and sure enough.. causes rigid muscles and jerking or shaking of the hands.. sometimes.

Baclofen is a muscle relaxer.

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Hi Yikes2, surprises me that a muscle relaxer would cause these side effects, seems you just can't win : (


I wish that others would check the side effects that the manufacturer warns of. Can you imagine how scared I was when my hands started slamming down on the desk and they jumped around. I do not have a spastic issue.

That same medicine is designed to stop spastic , tight muscles can cause

myoclonus as well. (jerking, jumping of the hands)

For me, when I take the medicine, it does an incredible job of stopping my back from giving out (about by half of what it would if I am not using Baclofen)

but I get the unwanted side effects.

SSRI antidepressants are also a cause of myoclonus as well.. and that was added about the same time as the Baclofen was added. The difference for me was that when I stopped taking baclofen the myoclonus disappeared at the same time. No more hand jerks and jumps. It took 2-4 days for it to stop completely.

We are a complicated machine in motion, that's for sure.

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I've been on those types of antidepressants for 20+years and never had that type of side effect, but people do react differently to everything, especially if another medication is thrown in the mix.

I hope you're on an even keel now?


Indeed, yes. For you are in the lucky 97% without that unlucky side effect.

I have never had the problem on Paxil.

I wasn't even intending to discuss any drug by name but that one stuck out

because it was really the only drug that admits it and warns of it happening.

It's right in the warnings for side effects. =)

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I was on Seroxitin, then paroxetine now fluoxetine. Keep meaning to change back to one of the others as fluoride isn't good for the thyroid. Doubt the others are that good for it either. Tried to wean myself off, as I'm now taking NDT and T3, but started to get to too depressed just recently.


May I suggest a really good pain psychologist? They have insight and

can talk to your doctors directly. This sounds harsh and accusing but

I am telling you that I mean this in the kindest way.

Be totally and completely honest. Be so honest that it is like talking

to yourself or thinking out loud. If you are not on that level of honesty,

it's a waste of time for you to be there. They are not there to judge you

about your lifestyle (exercise, diet, pills taken and your effort that you

make to get yourself going each day, the amount of stresses in your life.

Just talk, talk talk and then listen to good ideas on how to get going back

to your normal good self without so much pain. =)

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I don't take the antidepressants for the pain. I don't take anything for the pain, I am constantly try new stretches, exercises to hopefully align my spine. Recently tried a couple of exercises that helped a lot, but still my left side is weaker and left hand shakes.

My back and my depression are unrelated.


Oh, oh I see what you mean about shaking.. in weakness upon use of muscles.. Gosh, I hate not talking face to face because as johnsmith pointed out, there is no way to even imagine what you are talking about.

Goodness no, muscle relaxers, nor SSI's are causing your body to shake. It's

shaking in pain and weakness. Gotcha what you mean now.

SSI's have the ability to change your perception of pain. They can make

you perceive it as less so I am betting that yours is pulling double duty

as a pain reliever (believe it or not) and to lift depression.

You really need some help in releasing - like cross fiber massage/

myofascial release. (help of physical therapist. and a Superficial heat

to warm up and release the tension in the muscles... like heating pad

PLUS an ultrasound to give you deep penetration of warmth in the

big muscle groups. (This is like heaven on earth) It keeps the muscles

warm so the physical therapist can help you push those muscles a

little further for range of motion..

Range of motion is going to be slower...because it is that tight.. and

it goes back to Alexander Technique or anything like it that your physical

therapist can show you. You need re-education on movement, position, perhaps learning some distraction techniques by themselves or

even with a mild pain reliever like tramadol. ( I know you take nothing


Please look at pain clinics to put this all together for you. Your doctor

can assign you to one and then watch or monitor your progress -

the pain clinic will be contacting your doctor regarding your progress

or needs. I do not mean to insult one single doctor out there but the

pain clinics can specify the problems better than anyone can because

they see and keep track of the movements that you make even when you

are just walking in the building they are assessing. That kind of observation

is what the doctor wishes they had...but instead a hour appointment

is not enough time to see that stuff. Pain clinics are top notch treatment

centers. Sounds like you need this help as much as I do.

I can't do it on my own anymore. I will start in with muscle wasting

and atrophy soon because I'm unable to do without their help.

cc120 in reply to Hidden

Thank you for the useful information, which I will bare in mind for when I can take advantage of such treatments. As well as muscle problems I certainly have disc bulge. My GP said as I have tried the NHS physio, and had an MRI scan, there is nothing else she can refer me to due to the guidelines of this area.


cc120... you will always have me in your corner.. always.

I am very sad and disappointed that your treatment options are

so limited.. I know that I am not Mrs. Millionaire either.. I have to take

the treatments offered to me.

Accupuncture is too expensive anyway right now for me. Once was enough

for my budget as well right at this time.

Massage is not in my budget either.. so once was enough..

The PT does it limited.. very limited.. to muscle release..

I am so sorry for you, I am not doing the Alexander technique exactly..

I started by watching instruction videos on you tube.

To be 100% honest with you, I couldn't have done them without

pain pills. No way, no how so I can't blame you..

And a disc bulge is much, much more serious than what I have

going on. You are such a dear to be having these things.. I wish

that I could help you as much as myself.

Please stay in touch and lets keep asking them until we find our

way in this. So grab on with me and lets learn from others..

cc120 in reply to Hidden

That's very kind of you Yikes2, here is a posting of my MRI results:

The rolling spine exercise that has helped me recently is here:

Have you had an MRI to establish why you are in pain?

My GP said she could only refer me if I had loss of feeling/numbness indicating my central canal nerve was compromised.


I have had extensive MRI at Mayo Clinic... they even checked my ears

to see -- just kidding.. Boy are they ever over-kill on diagnostic testing..

I had the whole thing.. I am going back in though soon for injections

into the SI joints.. and after what Johnsmith suggested about steroids

weakening the ligaments and can bet that I am re-thinking

this stategy but they are looking once again in the area that I want them

to look at.. suppose there is some disc wreckage going on there... then

maybe after some serious chiropractic and physical therapy tailored

at the problem may help. ..I am not rushing into surgery

I am listening to your experience..

They want to fuse my back along with rods and told me that stabilization

is also the problem.. that was at home here.. mayo says yeah but your

back isn't that bad.. and we are not allowing the surgery to take place will mess you up for life ... and I am thinking Good God, I am

so much put down in place without movement that I can't seem to get

up going without help anymore.. so how can it be worse? They told me

to trust them, it can get a lot worse with the surgery...

and there you are.. you have had the surgery ... yours was not a choice

through.. you had to have the surgery ...

I was one that looked at your MRI with the "Ask a question" ..we all

felt the same way that you need to start our as johnsmith suggested.

Gosh I hate that he is correct in this.. it's a ton of work. but I am there

too.. Ive been doing it since you wrote that back then and it starting to

pay off a tiny bit.. but it's slow, slow.. and takes practice.

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Have you come across spinal decompression, also this disc augmenting treatment: The Gelstix procedure, a snip at £10,000 -


Wishes for it and saved it for Mayo clinic to access it next week. My insurance will not cover this. I need a money tree.

cc120 in reply to Hidden

Yes, need money and while we're unwell less likely to make it : (


Don't lose hope. If you lose that, you give into the disease and let

it own you. Every day you get out of your bed, you did not fail.

You made it and you beat it if you manage to get up, get dressed

and ready for your day even if you sit in a chair that day and do nothing

else you beat it .

I keep telling myself that compared to a child that never walked a day

in his/her life and never ran I would be such a Jerk to complain. I had

45 good years of perfect health and ability to walk, run, jump and hike

and those kids had none. I imagine myself in a room of kids who have

the life that we do now since the day they were born and I would feel

like a such a jerk saying that among them. We were allowed a lot of

years to be able to walk and don't you forget that. We will walk and

do our work outs with that in mind until we move. The kids don't give

in or up so how can you and I not try? I thought my life was done when

I couldn't run anymore. Running is the only way that I can stay calm

all day long. Now I deal with panic attacks. Well I can walk some and

I can lay on my bed and remember what it felt like running along the

forest or the river (I loved to trail run) I can still do a tremendous amount

for exercises. Try to keep focus on what you can do and do it...


cc120 in reply to Hidden

Hi Karen, that's all very true. Great that you have all your memories of good health, but I do wish you more.xx

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