Hi pippin,how you getting along ,I will see if my son will get me on to the new forum at the weekend,no one writes in about rls at all I feel I am realy missing out,Kim I had to ring the doc on Monday as I was back to bad nights she put me on an extra Tramodol so I take 1at 10.00in morn and 2 at 10.00at night she said I must take them twelve hrs apart well I have had 3 nights sleep so that a good start. June x

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  • Hi beady3 I remember pippin ie Kim I wondered where she was can you tell me what the new forums name is please. Xx

  • Hi Dopey I think you go into www.rls-org it's like face time I think x

  • Thank you for that how are you feeling.x

  • Well Dopey I have had 3 nights sleep so that very good long may it continue. What meds are you on and are you going to join the new forum it's a shame because no one writes now good night to you sweet dreams x

  • Hi beady

    Sorry I'm late replying oh I'm struggling very bad at the moment. I can't get on that site. Can I be rude and ask what your condition is, I'll tell you mine

    1. Cervical and Lumber Spondylosis

    2. Lumber Stenosis

    3. Degenerative Disc Disease

    4. Scoliosis

    5. And last but not least Fibromyalgia

    Every painkiller I have I cannot take.

    When I was on this site before someone always used to reply now it seems dead. Xx

  • O dopey I am so sorry you have so much the matter,I feel realy bad now because my biggest prob is restless leg I know it sounds not much but I rules my life. Like you I loved this site now no one writes in they are on the other forum I expect good luck anyway x

  • Hi beady

    Please don't feel bad I know restless leg is not good I remember Pippin ie Kim being in hospital with it. I've tried that site again I can't get on it. Sleep tight xxx

  • Hi Good luck, tramadol doesn't work at all for me. Gave me a rash too and provided zero relief. I'm glad it works for you. I'll stick to low dose Percocet which gives me no issues, take care hope you feel better.

  • Sorry you got half a reply,are you taking your tabs for rls if so how bad is it take care x

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