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MRI scans people with clostraphic

Hi well I have just come back from the new MRI open scan fantastic I wrote about a month ago I had a car accident ( not my fault ) the orthopedic surgeon saI'd I needed an MRI but the insurance wouldn't pay so I have had to foot the bill myself no way could I go in the tunnel I am in awful pain have tried ibobrufen Gabapentin (made my heart race) I was put om transdermal patches I could not stop myself itching had to come off I am taking co codomal does nothing I am going to have to wait to see an orthopedic with my scans now I don't know when that will be any one out there any ideas I'm no spring chicken and live on my own x

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That's a little bit of hell there that you are describing. I had

an MRI at Mayo clinic, they put you out like you are having

surgery... breathing tube and all. They do not want the slightest

movement. It's the only way that I could have MRI. I am too

scared to be closed in like that.. the open one was bad for me

too. I sympathize. XX Karen


Hi Karen thanks for responding this is the latest MRI if you google upright MRI scans in Birmingham you will see it I would go under again tomorrow if need be the people there was great but that's what you get when you pay I will keep you all informed when I get the results I am trying another pain patch as the pain is bad they said it was to do with the discs x


You don't have to be in pain, Spoon. Please go back to your GP and tell them that the meds are not working. Everyone is different and I am sure that it is just a matter of finding what works for you. Make sure you keep records of expenditure so that can be included in the claim against the driver who was at fault. If you have not already done so, consider using hot and cold pads on the injured area or a TENS machine. I have found that it really helps me. I have two slipped discs in my lower back as well as Osteoarthritis. Good luck with whatever you try.


Can they operate on you with the disc I would take a chance rather than be in this awful pain the pain clinic said it could be stenosis and they would operate even as you get older keep smiling we can't let it get to us x


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