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Hi everyone, I have been reading one of the postings about the Morphine pump that you have at the minute. I have been on MST 60 mg tabs and on Oramorph now for quite a few years, I have very bad adhesions in my abdomen and for 14yrs I was told to learn to live with the pain I have.

Surgeon after surgeon said that they would not touch me, until December 2013 after so many admissions into hospital a surgeon said he would try and help me, so I went through surgery in Jan 2014 that didn't help much so he did another operation in June 2014, while waiting to be discharged after my surgery I developed a bad leaking from my wound, they put me a bag on to the wound to catch whatever came out of wound.

For 4 months I had the wound care nurses everyday to change my bag, in the end I got a bad infection and had to go back into surgery to have it cleaned out, but I was still leaking and eventually I had to go back to surgery to have the wound cleaned out again and was left with an open wound for another month. Even though I have gone through all this I am still in agony, im sure my gp thinks its amusing that I have been in and out of hospital as do the staff in the hospital who are very sarcastic, they think they are being funny but I am not amused.

I think that the effects of the mst and oramorph are not working too well and im having to take more oramorph to try to ease the pain, Im so sorry to be babbling on like this but this is the 1st time I have had to talk to people. By the way I had epidurals during surgery as well as being put out but was then informed that the epiduals did not work. I ended up in ICU for 4days after my op in june , now I don't think there is anything else left that I can do to stop the pain, thanks for reading this.

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hello arniejake and you are very welcome here.

you can post how you fee;. have a rant or whatever you want. no one here will judge you and will help where we can. maybe not always the answers we want to hear but all given through expeiences .

you have had all your advice on which meds etc from your pain clinic i take it or has it just been the surgeon and gp.

sorry technical fault and little or no punctuation.

pain relief is not 1,2 pr 3 meds but a cocktail of different meds and therapies. this is where the pain clinic is so good.

oramorph is good as it kicks in quickly but wears offf before next dose is due. have you thought about or tried slow release patches. they come in varying strengths and can be worn from 72 hours up to a week - i think. these release the set dose right up to time for changing and give a constant level of relief. there are other alternative therapies, relaxtion, meditation which i believe is popular and helps.

of course my soap box topic is always you must pace yourself if you can do anything. always stop before you hurt - prevention is better than cure.

i dont know if any of this can help - let me know and i can put another thinking cap on.

pat x


I couldn't agree more with you.



Cannabidiol(CBD) the medically active part of Cannabis that doesn't get you high, is effective against Pain. It has been found in several University studies, San Diego Univ, and studies in the UK, to enhance the effectiveness of Narcotic Pain medications. To be able to use Cannabis, without getting high, is a positive value. I manage all aspects of my medical life, being stoned would make me less effective on the job. I was a dedicated pothead during the 60's growing weed illegally. Times have changed.

I haven't looked up yet the status of legalization of the friendly weed in the UK. It's hard to believe that a nation wise enough to use Heroin as a prescription Pain killer, doesn't allow Medical M

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Hello Arniejake. I am sorry to hear that you are still in pain. It sounds like a double whammy, first being given hope after the years of despair and then seeing that the surgery did not help. If I may speak honestly, do you just think that the staff are being sarcastic and the GP finds your situation amusing? If there is evidence to support this then you must complain. There are Patient's bodies as well as medical regulatory people there to deal with these situations. You do not have to suffer and be in pain. You are entitled to ask for second opinions. You are entitled to be referred to the Surgeon of your choice and register with another GP. I have lived with back pain for the last 6 years. I now have osteoarthritis in both hips as well as other joints. I find that the morphine 7 day patches work for me. I totally agree with Paton about Pain management being a combination of medication and other treatment. At the moment I find that osteopathy and sports massage combined with the meds really helps me to live my life. I also ha e several aids to help me to manage things that hurt like hell e.g. Raised toilet seat with grab rails. I hope that my post will be of assistance to you. Sometimes it really is a case of taking things hours at a time instead of days.

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Wow, that is quite a story. Some of sounds very familiar, however, it sounds like you need to see a Pain Specialist. Where do you live. If you are in U.K. You should look up "The Walton Neurological Centre, Liverpool." I have seen miracles worked there. Do not be afraid to argue and question your G.P. Or other people. There are other Pain Clinics around the country, but Walton is the best. Also take a look at Medtronic on the Internet. There is a huge amount of information that will be of use to you.

Good Luck.

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Thank you all for your support and replies, I have a very long list of allergies which are medication reactions. I am allergic to patches as I blister when they are applied to my skin. I have only seen the pain management team when I have been admitted to hospital, I told them that I havn't been seen at the clinic for 13 yrs,.

I have now told the doctor that I am determined to see a pain team, she said that I must see my surgeon first to see what he can do, now I am waiting to see my surgeon and then I would get to see a pain management team. The doctor in charge of my pain clinic saw me in hospital and told me that because I have so many allergies they were going to find it hard to get me something I wont react to., so I suppose I will just have to wait again ( a favourite saying amongst the medical body) I will let you know what happens, but thank you all again and hope that you all get sorted soon .


just a thought.

there are other patches to the ones usually prescribed which are kinder to the skin. apparently it is the adhesive which causes the blistering. of course more expensive - arent they always.

plus david who uses these also rubs hydrocautizone cream on the area first.

could be a long shot worth asking for.

pat x


Where are you based?


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