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Limitations 😁

Yep, pain is grisly, no question about that. Today tho I'm struggling more with the limitations my body puts on me.

My 23 year old son is having surgery today on a very broken hand / wrist and he was adamant that I should not go to the hospital - because ' the journey and the sitting will make your pain so much worse Mum'

I cannot put into words how much I hate the effect that seeing me go through so much has had on my loved ones, particularly my sons 😰

Very hard day...

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Curly girl

I feel for you, I really do, I cannot count the amount of times my 2 kids have said that to me and it still cuts me to the bone so I understand how you must be feeling. Sometimes our limitations hurt us even more than the pain itself don't you think.

Your son sounds just like mine because that is exactly something he had said to me in the past, you must be so proud of him, I know I am of mine 😊 he sounds a very thoughtful and caring son, he just wants to look after ' his mummy' cos he knows you are not having a very good time at the moment,even if you didn't go with him he knows that you would have done if you could have and that is the most important thing.

Try not to let it upset you too much hun I'm sure he knows how much you love and care for him

Take care





I cried reading your reply - you really get it and yes my son is a wonderfully caring thoughtful young man and I'm immensely proud of him.

I just wish it could have been different for my two sons, as you do for your children.

Mine are 25 and 23 and they don't know a life without their mum having major surgeries, multitudinous procedures and being limited.

I'm sure he does know how much I love him and on better days I think that they have actually benefitted in some ways from needing to be more thoughtful than other lads.

He'll be fine I'm sure, it's a big thing to me but fairly routine to the ortho surgeons I suppose.

Thanks for your support Diane, much appreciated




Ahh bless he sounds like he's a credit to you. I know how you feel it's harder when your kids say things like that to year even worse than the worst pain ever. My son would say the exact same thing and he's 13. I know it hurts but be proud that despite being in pain you've raised a remarkable young man. You can spoil him when he gets home cos there's loads of stuff he will need help with save your energy and remember he knows that your thinking of him. Hope everything works out us mammys need to stick together big hugs x


Thank you so much Suedub for your lovely message - he is a fine young man, even if I do say so myself!!

He's only 23 but has taken on the role of Dad to his girlfriends 7 year old son ( gf 4 years older than him)

They waited for he who calls me Nanny Shirley ( at which point I melt into a pool of Mummy mush on the floor!!!) to ask for Tom to move in. It makes my heart sing seeing such a happy, hard working family. I love my 'Grandson' as if he were blood and I have total respect for Toms partner for working, studying an Ou degree whilst her son very young and managing as a single parent until she was in a relationship which was going to last 😍

Sorry I rambled on puffed up with pride there!

I know, like others have said how hard it is for our loved ones but, I see my son's empathy, compassion, support and just straightforward unconditional love in action and I know he wouldn't be as responsible and caring as he is if his life had been different.

Let's rejoice the amazing people we have around us,

And a special thank you to our Children - absolutely the best thing I EVER did 😍




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