came off morphine sulfate

Hi all, I had to come off morphine sulfate tablets time release 12 hr at 80mg per 12 hrs, due to extreme depression which was caused by the meds and I have been placed on fentanyl 25 patch which is doing nothing at all! but to top it off im having a slight tingling and im irritated and cant sleep and I think its a withdrawal effect as i was on morphine for over a year.

how do I get through this minor setback as I thought when I tapered down I shouldnt get any symptoms of withdrawal?

many thanks in advance

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  • 80 mg MST such as Zomorph twelve hourly is closer to 75μg Fentanyl patch. If you still need a similar level of pain relief.

    I was not clear why the doc prescribed such a small dose! Rib

  • I'm seeing Dr today to find out

  • thia is a very low dose of patches compared to the tablets.

    go back and tell your doctor .

    pat x

  • I will, today and thanks

  • Hi there I have been on the same morphin every 12 hrs for 3.5 years now and on quick acting morphin too plus gaberpentan and anti depressant and anti inflammatory and last summer I came off nearly everything but ended up going back on due to the amount of pain I was i , still got all the pain due to having CRPS and am ha I g a real rough time of it at the moment too. I just changed pai. Specialist and after two appointments he said there was no point me seeing him anymore because I was on all the mess I could be on and he cod t do anymore for me !

    Not what I wanted to hear !

    Anyway if you came off the morphine slowly you shouldnt have any side effects . I only get those kind of feeling of I have forgotten to take my meds once or twice in the day.

    Good luck

  • A week at half dose then nothing but fentanyl 25

  • It certainly sound like you are having withdrawal symtoms.25mcs is a very small dose to replace your morphine.I was swapped onto Fentanyl patches from my oxycodone and they started me on 200 mcs.Go back to see your gp.

  • I have been on the same tablets but they caused me to be so constipated the DR has now given me patches so I'm hoping because they are slow release I will be ok

  • They did work for the pain, however I got major depression from them so Dr said I can't have them, and I'm glad as I'm happier albeit in pain

  • I should of been in hospital on Thursday having a spine block and radio frequency, I got a call at 6pm Wednesday night saying they had to cancel my surgery as they had no beds. What I find really frustrating is these injections work and I get 6-8 pain relief from them I was so looking forward to a good nights sleep my last injection was May 2014 by the end of July it had worn off and I haven't had a full night sleep since.

  • thanks I went to docs and he agreed that 25 were too low and the 50mcg should work, and they do thanks

  • Thanks everyone just update that dr has put me on 50mcg fentanyl and its doing its work, better than the morphine, horses for courses

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