C.r.p.s and nerve implants

Just back from Doctor, sympathetic spinal nerve implants has not gone to expectations, now been referred back to pain clinic to see what be the next cause of action.have noticed that the weather effects the levels of pain, I take so much medication at the moment sleep/ or at rest in bed for sixteen plus hours daily. Has anyone else had Laminectomy in three vertebra and sympathetic nerve implants and have got poor results? Also my options now?

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  • Hi brimstone

    Yes I have spinal nerve implants it did not work for as well, in the end I had my left arm amputated don't worry they will not do that to u I'm just unlucky. I am also on a lot off meds. Get u pain specialist to try every thing he can get and also their are two specialist I know off in this country that just deal with CRPS

  • Thanks for your reply, been back to doctors and referred back to Oxford for assessment for chronic pain management. Hope they can do something else as this condition has effected me and my family. Been pacing myself trying to eat sleep and stay out of bed for more than six hours a day! ,willing to try anything at moment as don't want to stay like this. Regards and hopefully your condition can also be helped

  • Hi brimstone, I hope u can find some thing that will help u, I my self it's to late for me I am now in a wheelchair for the rest my life. how did u get CRPS and how long have u had it for, my self I have had crps for 5years now I know how hard it is for the family u have to keep going if not for u self then for u family let me know how things go with u pain specialist good luck

  • Hi Yogibe, I am also in a wheelchair, my c r p s started over five years ago it was caused by having three c v a (strokes) that left me with left sided hemerpligia. Due to this my left leg became bent and needed to be straightened and had to have an operation, within days I was in extreme pain,tests were then done and conditions got worse then finally after two years I was diagnosed with c r p s, had to have several more ops on spine and had sympathetic spinal nerve implants, the rest is the same as most people with this condition. Hope this is enough info for you,and wish you the best for the future

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