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15 and chronic pain!

Hi there! I hope you may take the time to read and respond to my post. Last year in March 2014 I was rushed into hospital for an emergency laparotomy to remove a 10cm torted ovarian cyst. Then in May 2014 I began to suffer pains again so had a laparoscopic operation to remove adhesions which were pulling my ovary up. Ever since I have been suffering with chronic stomach pain with no relief. I also suffer from constipation and have been on Movicol sachets for about 7 months now. I have a feeling my symptoms may be due to endo? Any advice appreciated thanks!x

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Sorry to hear of your problems. I don't have any answers, except maybe look for an endometriosis support group. It could just be the adhesions though that are causing the problems. Stay as healthy as you can, eat the best diet you can, drink lots of water and do a good amount of exercise- that will all help keep your body working the best it can.


Ask your doctor to be put on the pill. I was on it at 14, as were both my daughters, for the same reasons as you, plus very heavy periods. There is a painkiller that is especially for that called Ponstan, it's an anti-inflamatory and does work.


Hello Pheebs,

I'm sorry to hear of your suffering with the ovarian cyst and now endometriosis - both painful conditions to say the least. It is said by some doctors who are expert in iodine therapy that endometriosis, ovarian cysts, uterine fibroids and indeed breast pain from fibrocystic disease and breast cysts may be indications of iodine deficiency. I suggest that you try supplements of Lugols Iodine and also to read the book by Dr Brownstein entitled "Iodine - Why You Need it And Why You Can't Live Without It" Lugol's Iodine can be bought from this company whom I recommend

Further information and guidance including a protocol for iodine supplementation can be had on the Iodine Group on Yahoo. Many people report marvellous results with this. Don't expect your G.P. to know about it because they don't and most of what they may think they know is incorrect. If you are interested in a natural therapy and avoiding drugs and hormones I think you have nothing to lose by trying it. Good luck and good health to you.

Best regards


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As your case is very serious so I personally advice you to consult to your physician, he can better guide you regarding this issue.


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