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Help with fetanyl patches x

Hi everyone, have started on the patches 50mg , had to take one off a day early as it was not sticking x any extra tips for sticking it on, also can you swim in it or is it best to cover up with waterproof dressing?? Also can you sunbathe with it on, sorry so many questions!!

Also when you change the patch does it take a while to get pain levels down again??

Thanks for any help xx

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Hello sarahjd

Micropre tape! David has had the patches for about 8 years and always uses it. Not sure about swimming but he leaves the patch on in the shower. Very occasionly it does come unstuck.

Pat x


Thanks have you sun bathed or been abroad how did travel insurance react


Think someone else has replied at length on this but but will give you our experiences.

We have traveled all over Europe and Canada since David started wearing the patches with absolutely no problems.

Sunbathing is a bit different for him as he tends to wear sensible swimming trunks which usually hide he patch! But never had any sun burn or had the need for extra cover over the patch.

Insurance companies are only interested if your 'condition' is likely to cost them money! I don't know what you have apart from CP which insurance doesn't recognise as a condition. We have on going insurance through Nationwide BS and once we signed initial declaration the only need to know if anything changes. We found the easiest condition to declare was arthritis. David has several degenerative diseases of the spine + heaps more but none are life threatening or likely to need intervention whilst on holiday.

He ALWAYS carries all drugs with him on plane and never in suitcase. Some people split them and carru enough with their hand baggage to tied them over with the rest in hold luggage. With him being on so many - they almost have a suitcase of their own.

ALWAYS carry a repeat prescription with you too. this shows anyone in authority exactly what you are taking. And yes lock away in the safe whist at your hotel etc.

Being able to travel and go on holiday whist suffering CP is wonderful. David always has assistance with an airport wheelchair and have always found the staff so helpful The piblic get a bit ratty as wheelchairs get priority treatment but just smile!

We go to Madeira every year just for a week and the climate is brilliant fo CP. Dry and warm and David always comes home feeling so much better. Sadlt any longer flights these days are out of thequestion unless you can afford to upgrade thus getting more leg room. We do manage a slightly longer holiday to later in the year - again somewhere warm and dry.

Sorry i am rambling on.

Don't forget any liquid meds must go in your hold luggage due to restrictions on amounts you can take in hand baggage.

Insurance companies have an extensive list of condition which will increase your premium. As i said they are more interested in heart conditions where an attack could cost them money. To my knowledg athritis is not life threatening.

Hope this helps.

Oh yes - hope your passport is up to date!

Pat x


Hi sarahjd, its me again, if you ask your doctor for Hollister Universal remover wipes and wash the area that the patch will be sticking to with this you will need to rince off with a clean cloth, no _soap as soap will stop the patch sticking. also you must not sunbathe with the patch uncovered.


Warm the patch in your hands for a min or 2 before applying, it will stick better that way xx


You need to ask your doctor those questions - even something as simple as putting micropore tape over it may need to be checked out, as it could potentially contribute to the patch not "breathing" as well, and the wrong amount of drug getting into your system. These patches are quite technical in the way they disperse the medication, so you need advise specifically about that type and brand of patch. If your GP doesn't know, ask them to contact the supplier and check for you.

I would be very wary about sunbathing with an exposed patch as well unless you had specifically had that checked out as safe.


Thanks everyone spoke to my pharmacist , she suggested warming the patch and I can put micro pore tape on two edges of patch without making the patch misbehave x she also said to keep patch covered up when sunbathing so will change where I put it , not a mad sun bather so if I stick it on my back under my costume or on my trunk it will e day to stay out of the sun, thanks for the advice x


Hi ive used the Fentynal patches for 9 years now. At first i had problems with it coming off prematurely, (esp as i have quite oily skin), so my GP suggested using Bioclusive transparent dressing which goes on top of it . This waterproof and comes off easily when you need to take it off. Its been god sent to me, couldn't do without it.... infact my GP has made it even simpler for me by prescribing a pack at the same time he prescribes my patches. Im a very happy with this.


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